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Kay Bachmann leaps into her freshman year of college eager to start fresh and be the girl she's always wanted to be She meets Carter who falls for her like a skydiver with a busted parachute He sweeps her away in a whirlwind romance and before Kay can think straight they're going on dates But when her bluesman Grandpa dies and Kay discovers his secret that he abused her mom and grandma Kay slowly realizes that Carter though a sweet guy shares some of her former hero's same attributes She begins to understand the subtle manipulations Carter uses to make her stay with him Then she meets her old friend Wyatt again who she's loved desperately for so long Kay tries to break free of Carter but he raises the emotional ante and attempts suicide right in front of her That act pulls her right back to his side Kay knows she cannot stay with Carter She knows that his next attempt may be fatal But she wants above all to live her life on her own terms not on somebody else's

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    A few challenging issues are faced by a young lady in her first year away from home She's at college loving her music and making friends becoming a outgoing personality A death in the family draws her home to face up to the unpleasant facts in the family dynamics Her first college crush turns into something rather too intense and even scary She starts missing classes and doesn't know how to cope with all that is happeningVery good advice is given by a friend who tells our heroine to google the relationship situation If you find yourself in a situation you don't understand and don't think feels right check it out online and see how many others have gone through a similar relationship problem what they have to say about this I love the true friends the helpful caring folks at the edges of the story who become stronger and concerned as the year proceeds This novel is extremely well written and will be loved by young people who make music particularly but should be read by all young women starting out in life This is an unbiased review

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    Those Black Wings is a novel that deals in extremely heavy subjects such as emotional abusemanipulation and threats of suicide These are topics that are not easy to write about and should be handled with great care and considerationAs a reader I have mixed feelings about this novel The majority of it takes place during the main character's Freshman year of college However despite the fact that Kay is a newly adult woman she doesn't really read like an 18 or 19 year old Coming from the eyes of a 19 year old reader who graduated in 2016 Kay's character feels a little awkward because it the first person narration doesn't feel natural It does not feel like a new adult technically still a teenager is narrating the novel like an older woman stuck in a teenage body if I'm being honest Therefore it makes it a little hard to connect to her as a character and feel empathetic toward her situation however I do think her helpless feeling is relatable to a lot of emotional abuse victims and survivorsCarter's character felt a little weird too but I chalked that off as the entire book revolving around him being an emotionally manipulative jerkwad Overall I feel like he was written fairly well although I do believe this book was a little hard to follow because it jumped around so much One minute Carter and Kay are on a date The next minute he's threatening her with a pill bottle in hand I can appreciate Carter as an antagonist but I feel like because the flow of this book was a little weird not as much detail went into him or his emotional manipulation as it could have which was somewhat of a disappointmentSpeaking of the flow of this book I found the timeline to beinteresting I'm not sure how I feel about it I understand that we needed the background on Wyatt and Kay's grandfather I LOVED the parallel between the grandfather and Carter by the way but I feel like the jump from high school to college was a little abrupt It's almost like this book could have been split into two parts High School Kay and College Kay I didn't mind it too much it's just an observation I just thought I would point that out because the jump seemed a bit weird to meNow the love triangle I am usually not a big fan of love triangles however I really liked this one because Wyatt actually makes an effort to help Kay and it's clear that he would make a much much better fit for her Wyatt was easily my favorite character in the overall novel and Carter's jealousy toward him was probably my favorite part of the emotional abuse plotline So as far as love triangles go I really really liked this one Also ten points to Wyatt for not forcing himself into the situation and for actually being A Decent Dude™Overall I have mixed feelings toward this book because I do appreciate the message that the author is trying to convey but I wish the characters especially Kay were relatable to the intended age group I also wish the plot line didn't jump around so much I do feel like Those Black Wings would be a very good much needed read for people in a similar situation to Kay I just wish everything connected a little easier

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    Really 4 12 stars rounded up 4 12 because it was NOT an easy to read story; there were times when I had to take breaks from it because it was uite uncomfortable for me to read; yet the whole time I felt compelled to finish it knew I would get back to it Now I am glad that I did I totally appreciate the way Ms Cordell concluded the book; I felt that she resolved the issue well not a fairytale ending but realistic And wow I think it's really important for stories like this to be told since the struggle Carter faced is not uncommon in our world especially in young adults I particularly liked the bits where Kay opens up about what's happening when she researches online about the situation I thought that was really important for her and for us as readers to get the message that no one is alone in this Thank you Ms Cordell for an engaging intense reading experience; I look forward to reading of your work

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    I freaking LOVED this book I picked it up thinking it would be a good read and I was floored with just how good it was I loved the portrayal of an unhealthy relationship and all that went with that The characterisation was spot on I loved Kay and I loved her story and how she went through everything I was hooked from the first page and went head first into a complete and utter adoration of the words in this story It's something every teen should read and a lot of adults too It was amazing and well told and I just can not say enough good things about this book I'd give it than five stars if I could Highly highly recommended

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    What an intense and beautiful story Intense because abuse is horrible and beautiful because love is just that beautiful This is also interesting because Katy is not being abused physically and Carter in fact yells this at her uite often He makes a point of doing that time and time againbut I never hit you I never dragged you around by your hair I never struck youEmotional abuse is probably the most difficult of it all your mind is being manipulated to the point where you lose yourself and an incredible depression those black wings set in and you doubt your own mind and your own heart This story is about a young girl during her last year at school and first year of college She's nerdy in a musical way and so much in love with a decent down to earth guy but yet feels she's not good enough for him She loves him so much that she mentally runs away from himand Carter sets in He is a nice guy with very real problems least of all stalking Carter is abusive in a sick and twisted way by threatening suicide if Katy should leave him We travel with Katy on this journey and soon things are revealed from deep inside her family where physical abuse was prevalentI really enjoyed this journey and could see myself in a lot of the teenage angst yep we've all been there Thing is though true and beautiful love does not hurt in twisted ways This topic is so extremely relevant If you or someone you know is being abused please share this book especially if nothing else works Sometimes when one sees in writing that one is not mad useless cruel unstable unlikable that these are someone else's projections it gives enough courage to seek help Lovely stuff and truly relevant topic I received this book for free and I review every book because holding a book is like holding a little bit of the author's soul in your hands

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    This book was a deep look into the shredding of one’s personality by manipulators who keep upping the ante and twisting the truth to maintain control of someone else The reader can see what is happening long before the main character and yet the reader can also understand why the one being controlled gives up personal power in an effort to save the controller This author has my utter respect for writing such a thorough discussion of this sickness It was at times a bit difficult to swallow but to understand it the reader must read every word—and learn from it Thank you Melinda Cordell

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    There are so many levels of abuse and some that aren't spoken of In this emotionally hard read suicide the threat of it is used as a form of abuse to keep Katy captive This isn't something that is spoken of highly but it is so real This author handles the topic skillfully even if it is kind of depressing and not the type of book I normally read the angst and pain and conseuences are real and that makes this book a must read

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    what happens when you wake up to discover your worst nightmares were than dreams?finding the strength to change to every day for your own future and even for your own right now might not be easyThanks for cheering us on through the challenges

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    This book was very intense and depicted a lot of situations that are real How abuse is portrayed in this book is very eye opening and the author skillfully handles the topic well

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    An exceptionally well written story that really hits home for a lot of people This tale kept me riveted to the pages A truly emotional rollercoaster ride A great job Melinda way to bring forward