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epub pdf The Vincenzo Adventure (Fingertip Island, #1) –

Rudolph Vincenzo Is Always In Trouble In School, At Home, Or Dueling With His Cold Hearted Neighbor, His Runaway Imagination Is Too Hot For The Small, Frosty Little Town Of Asbury So When Rudolph Needs An Escape, His Imagination Creates One FingerTip Island, A Supernatural Place Where The Slightest Thought Becomes Reality And Brings His Best Daydreams Alive His Little Brother Thinks He S Brilliant His Older Sister Thinks He S Insane Rudolph Takes Both Of Them Along To His Tropical Paradise Where Tigers Are Tour Guides, Bathtubs Make Handy Weapons, And Creepy Creatures Are Around Every Corner The Possibilities For Excitement And Danger Are Endless And Soon Rudolph And His Siblings Find Their Best Ideas And Worst Fears Coming To Life When A Chill Blows In And Their Adventure Is Threatened By The Thing They Fear Most, Rudolph Finds That A Good Imagination Is The Island S And His Last Hope What a refreshing new series A great read for children and teachers alike, FingerTip Island focuses on the power of imagination and encourages self confidence It s a fun adventure story with warm characters, thrilling action and lots of humor. For a story about limitless imagination, I felt this book fell short.My issues with the book began with problems that editing should have cleaned up The opening paragraph repeats the word grey many times and the description of the dreary day stretches on for multiple sentences, but without any real addition to the imagery This happens again when the kids reach the beach and the word sand is used over and over again There are times lines or scenarios repeat, such as the tiger saying the river is the life source of the island a plot point that never really comes to fruition , and a time when Rudolph and his brother are conversing about what to do next on the island and they remark twice about the niceness of the day At one point, the pencil that Rudolph used in school to build a sling shot, which becomes a plot device, turns for one line into a pen Also, I found it odd that every first line of a new chapter was written in all caps, as caps lock is used frequently to show a character shouting Sound effects in the story are written in quotes as if they re dialog, and at times the sound effects are slipped between characters talking, which makes it odd As far as the story goes, I feel the characters were flat, but my main issue was with the storyline itself, which seemed to meander this way and that There s a talking tiger who tell the kids to go find dinosaurs They never find the dinosaurs, but they do escape an erupting volcano through a dues ex machina of simply imagining their favorite adventure hero into existence beside them The dinosaurs are forgotten, the volcano is still erupting but forgotten, and over all, the island is bland It s sand, green forests, a river, a volcano The descriptions didn t pull me in, I felt no desire to sink myself into the world In fact, the characters set out to explore this island, but wound up fighting a bad guy most of the time A bad guy who is, in the real world, their landlord Their family is poor and lives in a nice house only because the landlord allows them Most of the time, the landlord spends his time threatening to evict the family just for the thrill of their reaction This side of the plot lost me The initial storyline was about Rudolph escaping his worries by going to a place in his imagination Then the landlord became the arch enemy, and we wind up with the plot focus instead being the landlord trying to evict them control them in a fantasy setting The landlord s evil plans are always overcome easily A flock of seagulls saves them unfortunately not the band , or the adventure hero knows just what to do, or they can make it rain bathtubs In the end, Rudolph just shoots a pencil into the swirling evil tornado which is nicknamed The Eviction and it disappears immediately Then they melt the landlord with rocks There s an ice theme going on in the story It seems to me that Fingertip Island holds no mysteries that I ve not seen before, and despite it s theme of powerful imagination, there s nothing all too creative behind it The technical writing is done well enough, but it s very passive, always saying about what the characters think or plan to do rather than letting us feel emotions and intrigue.Finally, due to the characters always winning if they put their minds to it, I feel the book sends a false message to kids about what they can really achieve It takes only a bit of effort and a lot of positive thinking for the characters in this book to get everything they want I find it interesting that the author of the book has rated his own work five stars, and then rated things such as The Hobbit and Harry Potter as being lesser works compared to his own Unfortunately, due to predictable events, an overwhelming amount of passive prose, and a flat world where a world full of life should have been, I can only give this book a two. I completely disagree with the review below mine I really liked this book I was debating between four stars and five, and the review before mine pushed me to five, ha The descriptions were great and I think my children had so me great visuals to work with The storyline was nicely put together and I like how the author used little things in the beginning of the story and brought them around in the end The setting was creative, and now I ve got two children wondering what they would do if on FingerTip Island Isn t that the point of the book, to push kids imaginations Remember, this book is for grade school children it has talking animals and action and humor and a bad guy things kids look for in a story We found it exciting and the imagination component was definitely without limits And oh, if I wrote a book heck yeah I d rate it 5 stars That s like saying you d prefer Justin Beiber better than your own kid Duh