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It S For REAL Wanda Had Always Read About Adventure Now She Was In The Middle Of One The World Of Fairies Is Real, And She Is Their New Crystal Keeper, Human Caretaker To The World Of Fairies But The Fairy World Is In Trouble The Fairies Are Falling Ill From The Pollution That Ravishes The World Above Wanda Has To Find The Key To Their Cure, Before It S Too LateBut Like In All Adventures, There Are A Few Unanswered Questions To Solve What Has Happened To The Old Keeper What Are Germites And Can Wanda Get Used To Her Cat Giving Her Backtalk While Trying Not To Get Grounded For Helping The Fairies Join Wanda On Her Adventure, While She Finds Out That Sometimes The Best Solution To A Problem Is The One You Find Within YourselfMidWest Book Review Children S Watch May Book One Of Tiffany Turner S Crystal Keeper Chronicles Series, The Lost Secret Of Fairies Follows Elementary School Student Wanda As She Discovers That The World Of Fairies Is Real And That Somehow She Has Become The Crystal Keeper, The Human Caretaker Of The World Of Fairies They Grow Ill From The Pollution That Is So Plentiful In The Human World And Now Wanda Must Find The Cure, While Answering The Assorted Questions That Have Struck Her As She Falls Into This Predicament The Lost Secret Of Fairies Is Highly Recommended For Children S Book Shelves As The Perfect Bridge From Picturebooks To Young Adult Novels Children Will Love It

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    The Lost Secret of Fairies The Crystal Keepers Chronicles Book 1 is an excellent children s fantasy book From the start, I was swept up by the witty prose and engaging storyline It didn t hurt that this book has a positive message or two thrown in for good measure With all the vile media that is forced fed to children nowadays, it s nice to see a book that tries to instill good values in children I think it s notable to mention that this is the kind of book that encourages children to read Not surprising since the author is a grade school teacher.The Lost Secret of Fairies has plenty of magic and interesting characters to read about such as the Queen of the Fairies and Brewford the Cat Sorcerer I think having a young girl Wanda as the lead character is an added bonus, especially considering that heroic girls are sorely underrepresented as the main character in the fantasy genre I would recommend this book to any child who enjoys to read and in particular those children who love to dream of other worlds It s sure to captivate its readers and leave them clamoring for the sequel.

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    The Lost Secret of Fairies is a wonderful tale about an average fifth grade girl who gets recruited to protect the Fairies and guard their entrances What child or teenager wouldn t want to be in her place With its vivid, beautiful descriptions and realistic dialog, this book allows children and open minded adults to transport themselves into the Fairy world where they can trek through crystal caves and seek advice from their pet cat Tiffany Turner does a wonderful job of getting into a fifth graders mind This is an author who clearly understands children and uses that knowledge to great effect The green pointy eared guy raised an eyebrow I wonder if he knows who Spock is They could be brothers I especially loved dialog with the cat Brew is very much your typical house cat, with all the arrogance and peeves that make him a hilarious and lovable character I also found the modernized peter pane story a little funny and odd since I had trouble imagining a 17 year old peter pan running away from college I wish the story had had slightly fewer environmentalist undertones, but that is my biggest personal complaint Otherwise, the major themes are faith in your own abilities to think through problems and in power of the imagination This was a very fun book to read, even for an adult like myself, and I m sure many a child will be fully enthralled in its magic.

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    Tiffany Turner s THE LOST SECRET OF THE FAIRIES is a fanciful tale which conjures up visions of a world of crystals and fairies, shadow creatures, and human interaction with both I especially loved that once Wanda had become the Crystal Keeper for the Fairies, her pet cat Brewford began to communicate thoughts to her Don t we all know our pets would have much to say if they could And Brew s wisdom aided Wanda greatly as she sought to find the spring water tonic to cure the ailing fairies, and to enter the Shadow World in search of the kidnapped Queen of the Fairies Also intriguing was the idea that the fairies often had animal forms in the human world Who knows about the animals we come acrossmight they be fairies in animal form The connection between the evil shadow world being facilitated by the increase of pollution on Earth was also clever and timely The final resolution, for Keepers who may outgrow their belief in fairies, revolved around their responsibility as adults to work for healing our Earth, in laws, politics, books, and so forth, thus continuing to aid the fairies and to save the Earth Wanda s experience as Keeper left her confident and strong, and willing to believe in herself.Written in first person, Wanda tells of her introduction to the Fairy Realm, her becoming the Keeper of the Fairies, and her quests to help the fairies The author includes many details to help the reader imagine each scene and the feelings within the heroine, feelings common to many as they struggle with feelings of inadequacy This book would be especially appealing to late elementary school and middle school students.

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    I loved her book Great for kids and Grown ups that believe in Fairies

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    Have you ever fealt that you, the reader, were standing next to the characters in the book you were reading Tiffany Turner accomplishes what most writers try so hard to do I read THE LOST SECRET OF FAIRIES and it wasn t a long read but I could smell the grass in the meadow where Wanda always went to read I walked with her through a tree into a fairy world I stood next to her trembling in the Shadow World That is the sign of a very good writer Tiffany, my hat is off to you.THE LOST SECRET OF FAIRIES is a 13 chapter 100 page fantasy geared toward fourth and fifth grade boys and girls, but toward girls I think, based on the storyline The format is an easy to hold approx 5 by 9 with a colorful front cover The back cover blurb is easy to read with a splendid picture of Tiffany at the lower left side Font choice and spacing make THE LOST SECRET OF FAIRIES easy to read Tiffany offers something very unique for her readers, other than a great story All children love to receive mail, I did when I was much younger now, not so much because bills don t attract me Tiffany will gift each reader a handmade crystal Keeper pendant just like the one worn by Wanda How cool is that I would have given THE LOST SECRET OF FAIRIES 5 stars but, honestly, the editing is not up to my high standards Perhaps Tiffany s editor needs to slow down and reread each sentence one word at a time I would hope that every writer would do the same, but sadly that is not always the case Keep writing Tiffany Turner, I loved the story and I know my grandson Mikey will like it as well.

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    An engaging book for middle graders, The Lost Secrets of the Fairies is the first entry in the Crystal Keepers series by Tiffany Turner Young Wanda, just commencing the long stretch of summer between 5th and 6th grade, is celebrating her chosen status of loner and reader A dedicated fantasy aficionado, Wanda is startled, but not really amazed nor distraught, when her life takes a sharp turn into fantasy, and she realizes that animals do communicate, and Faery is real.Wanda is a very likable and realistically drawn character No Goody two shoes, she is somewhat of an outcast, ignored or mocked by the popular clique, but she realizes her strengths and tries to circumvent or work around her weaknesses During the course of the novel she is confronted with, not only the destruction of rampant pollution which is damaging the Faery world, but with good perverted to evil and must make some stringent decisions for herself The novel encouraged me to continue with the series, even though I m quite a way past middle grade level.

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    Tiffany s is a personal freind of mine and through her I ve learned that anything is possible if you put your mind to it The Lost Secret of Fairies is a Great childerns book I highly recommend it to all the little folk around me its a magical story about a little girl and her cat I Loved it Now I ve just received her second book The lost Secret of the Green man buy a copy for yourself on Enjoy

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    Now this was a delight to read While it is not exceptionally complex in the plot or characters, I believe it will be perfect for the intended age group I especially liked the cat, but I am a crazy cat lady, so what can I say I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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    Very cute little story.

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    Well written great book for older children Can t wait for in the series.