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An Exciting Quest Awaits Three Young Children The Evil Queen Rhiannon Eldess Has Placed The Kingdom Of Kaldan Under An Enchantment Of Sleep Only The Royal Children Kodobos, Anyr, And Laris Can Save Their People From A Dark Fate Danger Awaits The Children As They Face An Endless Horde Of Evil Foes In Their Quest To Save Their Kingdom But To Gain Final Victory The Children Must Find The Legendary Sword, Witch Bane, Which Will Give Them The Power To Defeat Rhiannon Once And For All Will They Fail Or Will They Succeed Prepare For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

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    It s been a long time since I ve read a midgrade or young adult novel this complex and carefully planned The Legend of Witch Bane takes its inspiration from old school fairy tales the German kind, the Russian kind the real kind, where unspeakably bad things happen to children, where the stakes are higher than just winning the prince s kiss as in the Disneyfied versions recent generations have come to know In the rich world and characters of Hendrickson s work, fans of real fairy tales will recognize the staple conflicts and settings of the Fairy Book collections of traditional, gritty, hardcore fairy tales.True, once the Fairy Books were some of the best kids reading around, but modern kids may not be prepared to tackle the high stakes and terrifying situations of real fairy tales Hendrickson does an admirable job of spinning the old school into the new school, making the realms of the Fairy Books a little inviting to today s reading kids But only a little bit Only just enough not to scare them away.There are high stakes in this book, believable stakes for all the fantasy setting I can see children of eight to fourteen or so being deeply enthralled by the power of this story, the bravery of its young protagonists, and the exciting ending Of course, it s also not to be missed by adults who love a good kids book.Also worth mentioning are the absolutely gorgeous illustrations inside the book, which are not only lovely in their own right, but help lend an authentic Fairy Book air to the entire reading experience.Recommended

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    The Legend of Witch BaneA Review by Diane Wright The writing style of Kevin Hendrickson is reminiscent of Mark Twain for a younger generation Comfortable and friendly, this reader felt as if she was sitting on the couch in her pajamas, being told a story before bedtime Being completely caught up in the tale I did not put it down from the first page until the last.The message of the book for me, for it does contain many, could be summed up in words of the future image of Kodobos self in the cave of dreams When put to it, most people would rather die than sacrifice the thing they love most But what if the thing they love most is the thing they must sacrifice In order to save the kingdom many choices were placed before them If they did not make the right ones their quest would fail and everyhardship faced for naught.It is refreshing to find a writer that does not talk down to the reader and appreciates the beauty of English language Although some of the words used in his books are not commonly used by the youth of today, they will not be learned if they never are I did not find them to be so excessive that they would cause a stumbling block to anyone.The characters continued to unfold from beginning to end Introduced in an interesting fashion, I was eager to know As Kevis fleshed them out, I was obliged Through their many adventures I continued to get close to them until as I turned the final page I was disappointed to say good bye to my friends.

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    I have been asked to give a honest reviewI liked how TLoWB explained the story of each child often making a separate chapter explaining what happen in their solo adventure.The Plot was really interesting detailing the story of 3 children on a mission to save their parents and their kingdom from the evil queen.i would strongly recommend reading the fantasy book about the magical sword called witch bane

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    I m a skeptic of Fantasy.I m of a skeptic of Young Adult novels.Therefore, I was doubly skeptical of this book.Plotline can be read in other reviews in a nutshell, it is a story of three siblings who must save their kingdom A classic fantasy theme.Sounds clich , doesn t it Mr Hendrickson pulled it off The Legend of Witch Bane is a fairy tale written in a welcoming manner It is suitable for all ages The story has action and adventure a solid plot and memorable characters.Kodobos, Laris, and Anyr are the main characters They are siblings who bicker a lot Their rivalry added flavor to their personalities their flaws added depth I felt all characters in this book and especially these three were well crafted and thought out I enjoyed their traits I enjoyed their misgivings By the end of the story, I felt attached and as any good reader knows, this is important Notable characters can make or break a novel, and Mr Hendrickson succeeded in that endeavor.Occasionally the kids acted a bit out of character for their age, but nothing that caused me pause The times it did happen, I excused it These few discrepancies paled in comparison to how vivid and life like the characters were.The Legend of Witch Bane has classical themes Normally, this would make me wary, but again, Mr Hendrickson pulled it off The story does have a familiarity about it, but it is comforting instead of annoying, the way it should be He blended originality into familiarity, and did a great job.As should be, there were many lessons in this tale But they weren t cookie cutter, and I appreciated that The basic themes the basic morals weren t black and white Shades of gray exist between darkness and light in real life, and Mr Hendrickson captured this fact in his work No hero can fight external darkness without first fighting his or her own inner darkness, and Mr Hendrickson seems to understand that.I have few complaints about this book At times, it moved slow, but that did not bother me I sometimes wanted less drama and suspense, but again, I wasn t bothered by it I did feel the narration and something I can t put my finger on drifted from time to dime It wasn t always consistent, but these instances were subtle and few, and in no way distracting I enjoyed Mr Hendrickson s writing I enjoyed his tone He writes with a certain innocence a certain humor a matter of factly way He is a storyteller, and led me through the pages effortlessly The Legend of Witch Bane is a wholesome tale, perfect for its intended audience Kids will love it Adults will love it I am anxious to read of Mr Hendrickson s work Vincent Hobbes

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    The Legend of Witch Bane follows 3 small, unlikely heroes as they struggle against evil to save their parents and their country Kodobos, Anyr, and Laris are the young heroes who travel far from home to recover a mighty weapon that can defeat the evil Queen Rhiannon Eldess.In a style reminiscent of J.R.R Tolkien, author Kevis Hendrickson weaves a masterful narration sensitive to a young audience yet engaging for adults to read I think he is an author to watch especially if he can catch the eye of a commercial publisher All readers who enjoy a well written, engaging fantasy novel should check out The Legend of Witch Bane

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    I loved it This book is a very fun read, with a cast of very interesting characters It is action packed, and moves along at a fast pace it never lets you get bored It is a wonderful story about the power of love and the strength that we have if we believe in ourselves This may be aimed toward young adults, but it is a wonderful light reads for adults as well I am looking forward to the sequel.

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    The Legend of Witch Bane by Kevis HendricksonI couldn t finish this book I really tried, as he had plenty of 5 star reviews on it, but I just couldn t Now I m not an expert, just someone who enjoys reading and there are very few books that I refuse to finish or just give up in the middle.What I had a hard time with I thought the kids were far too young For what they got themselves into, I just couldn t believe that a 10 year old would be as proficient as he was at 10 Even as a king s son he wouldn t have started training in combat till at least 7 or so, and I just don t see him being as good as the master fighters in a few years of training.How convenient There were far too many times in the book where the kids found themselves captured or unable to complete a task, and the kids just happened to have what they needed on them to complete it I think the worst example of that was when the kids needed to get across a lake, and the boat master refused to let them across but wouldn t tell them what sort of payment he wanted One of the kids happened to notice he was wearing a necklace that was missing a gem, and wouldn t you know it, they just happened to have that gem on them.The fighting The older two children constantly fought There was no back story detailing why they fought so much I understand the oldest girl was a step sister, but I really needed some information to understand and empathize with their bickering.More convenience The kids would fight, but lose, with these massive wounds On a 10 year old he would have been dead in minutes based on the description of the wounds he suffered Then you wait the 10 minutes or so for the bad guys to leave they never finished him off The the sister would come and cry Then finally a mysterious man shows up with herbs to cure the kid So the kid s been bleeding on the ground with massive wounds for at least half an hour and a total stranger shows up to heal him Oh and the stranger used to be hunting them but had a change of heart Right.What I liked I like that the author is self publishing these books on the Kindle I think that is bold, and I hope he is able to make a tidy profit from them.I liked the price, even though I couldn t finish it, 2.99 for a book of that length was appropriate.I like the scope of the fairytale he was trying to tell Three young adventurers set off on an epic tale of adventure to save their kingdom and defeat the evil in the land Epic idea, just poorly executed.Looking back I wish I would have read the sample first rather that just buying the book outright The believability ultimately is what did me in on this work I just didn t empathize with the characters, I didn t believe the bad guy s motivations, I didn t believe how they managed to get through the day.Normally if I can t finish a book I give it a 1 star, but I m giving the author one extra for the effort and the storyline I don t want to just give 1 star as I feel my review would just be ignored, but I can t in good conscience recommend this book for reading unless you have little children who won t mind all the plot holes and lack of substantiative characters.

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    First, I must confess that my taste in fantasy is limited This has resulted in my getting through perhaps the first three or four chapters of a book before placing it back on the shelf to be forgotten There are many, many books on that shelf Once in a while, though, I find one that I can truly enjoy Those books are placed on a different shelf the one that holds my Tolkien collection, my copies of Watership Down, Wind in the Willows, and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes my book collection is not very well organized The Legend of Witch Bane is presently sitting on my chair side table, and I have just completed it As a lover of the Classics, I must say that I haven t enjoyed a YA book so much since The Hobbit The author, Kevis Hendrickson, has not only mastered the narrative style of writing which I most enjoy , he has recalled the gems of the Age of Story telling At times, Legend reads like a favorite fairy tale, at times it feels like classic mythology, but it is always told TO the reader I believe that s what I like the most about it I can hear Mr Hendrickson s voice throughout This is a wonderful book for older children It is also a wonderful book for adults who enjoy a gentle, yet intriguing tale Nowlest you be thinking that Legend concerns bunnies and warm, fuzzy things, I will correct you on that point There are definite dark elements, beginning with the very first chapter, and they are well developed There is heart wrenching conflict, betrayal, and despair There is not, however, the jolting, screaming violence characteristic of many works of modern fantasy The world of the Northern Realm is beautiful and well imagined, peopled with entertaining and believable fantasy creatures some of which you may recognize from your favorite childhood tales The illustrations are a delight There is whimsy and gentle humor to temper the treachery and self serving nature of Evil Queen Rhiannon, who is a very frightening presence Ultimately, this is a story about the power of love There is a definite art to story telling One must hold the reader s interest, but if a story is too fast paced, it cannot be savored Characters must be real, believable, and identifiableand, it helps if at least some of them are loveable, especially in a YA book Descriptions must be effective not too lengthy, but sufficient to place the reader in the scene Legend is a thumbs up on all points It is not a difficult read, an asset in a book aimed at younger readers I plan to read it to my six year old godchild If you prefer a book that reads like a screenplay with punchy, modern dialogue, you might not like this one If you can open your mind and recall your favorite tales, the ones you loved of old, then you ll have a very pleasant experience curling up with this book If you re like me, and love the Classics, you ll be enthralled Legend is well written, and that is crucial to its effectiveness, but what makes it a true stand out is that it s a tale well told Mr Hendrickson, you are a bard

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    Happy Thursday everyone I m going to deviate a little from the norm today, but only slightly For those of you that have been following me for a while now you know that I am an advocate for children s literacy I think that children and teens can learn than just HOW to read by picking up a book, but also how to LIVE Each Thursday I recommend a book for the slightly older kids in your life and this Thursday is no different, only this time, instead of just posting the synopsis for the book I m suggesting you share with your kids I ve actually read it and am going to share my views on it Kevis Hendrickson sent me a copy of The Legend of Witch Bane a few weeks ago and I was excited to get it Not because I had ever heard of it but because I love adventure, and once I finally found the time to read it boy it was so much than just an adventure, it was an experience.Kodobos, Anyr, and Laris are only children, but when a terrible curse causes their homeland of Kalden to lapse into a permanent slumber, these 3 very determined and very different siblings take it upon themselves to find out what happened Discovering that the evil High Queen Rhiannon is behind their towns horrible fate they set out on a quest to topple her kingdom and bring peace to their lands, but what starts out to be a hike in the woods quickly turns into an epic battle for their lives Can these 3 tiny souls find the strength they need to free their people How in the world will they ever defeat so many minions and what exactly IS the legend of Witch Bane Kendrickson s ability to weave known fairy tales with a new and exciting plot line was genius, and his attention to the tiny details that make adventure books come to life was equally flawless Here is an author that dared to ask the question can a child save the world Each of the main characters had their own individual personality and he used their weaknesses and strengths to feed the plot line Children s fantasy is admittedly difficult to write, there must be an equal balance of impending doom and life lessons and The Legend of Witch Bane spouted both with perfect form.There were ice breathing dragons, ogres who think they are giants, greedy treasure stealing dwarfs, children who never grow old, a mysterious spirit, and so many battles it was actually hard to keep track of them.This is a must buy for your Tiny Tots and Tween Turn off the TV and give them the adventure of a lifetime inside of their imaginative little minds.Happy reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember When THIS worlds got you down step into a NEW one.

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    2.5 stars A blend of fairy tales and epic fantasy that probably should have chosen to be one or the other Kodobos, Anyr, and Laris are three royal children Their kingdom is under thrall to the evil sorceror queen Rhiannon, who demands tribute of the kingdom in the form of ten of its youngest girls Anya is chosen, and her rescue sets off a long chain of events that will lead to tragedy for the children and victory over the evil queen and the powers behind her.It starts off well, as I have described above Kevis uses a fairy tale style of narration rather than a traditional high fantasy one, and it works well However, the book starts to meander very quickly from the starting idea recovering the sword Kodobos gave to the woman who beguiled him to a wide variety of tales It gets a little annoying, until you realize he is using the original story as a framework to tell small stories like fairy tales rather than a tight plot around the central idea The fairy tales actually aren t that bad, and I wished he had just gotten rid of the plot and made it a collection of them the characters are attractive, and just hearing their feats would have worked.However, he goes back to the epic fantasy part, and I m not sure it works as well There s a few weird heel face turns, and considering these are kids under the age of 15, having them actually fight instead of using their wits doesn t feel right There s also a big spoiler that is jarring in relation to the book s audience, and especially the chapter right after, but I can t mention it Also, inadvertant humor with the name of the sorcerer Caldor if you live in New England like I do, Caldor was the name of an old department store chain.Honestly, it s too long for its own good, and while you get plenty of stories and tales, many with some good images and fine scenes, I wish it had been shorter, as the sheer length of the book combined with the standalone tales made me zone out a few times It was also hard to get a handle on the books mythology because of that I think if it had been a little shorter, and a collection of short tales it would have sparkled More delineation between them rather than just one long narrative It is a unique take on a traditional fantasy book, but check the free sample first.