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Prime The Chosen One (Grimsley Hollow, #1) Author Nicole Storey –

I stumbled across the intro story to this book in a FB posting daily free promo s I m so glad I found it My son has Aspergers, so the story really touched me It would have still been a great read without the personal connection I can t wait to read about Gage s future adventures, and share them with my own little super hero My Review as posted on I am in no way a writer I am not really sure what you are suppose to include in a book review I could reiterate the description of the book but that would be pointless as I would think you have already read that if you are reading reviews I could tell of the story line, but I would hate to ruin the story for you If you are thinking about buying this book, for yourself or a young person in your life, you will not be sorry This is a great book, easy to read but I warn you it is extremely hard to put down I normally read Horror type of stories by authors like Steven Kingthey seem to be the only ones that could hold my attention from beginning to end Then one day I picked up Grimsley Hollow, The Chosen One and found that I could not put it down Nicole has a way of telling the story to keep the reader involved, interested, and intrigued to keep reading to see what would happen next Her intended audience is young adults and her writing style is perfect for keeping young people involved I am myself, quite a bit older than her targeted audience, but her story is written in a way that doesn t make it seem like you are reading a book intended for young people She tells a great story, in a way that you will want to keep reading no matter if you are a young person or just still young at heart I loved the incorporation of Gage the hero having Autism, so many people children and adults alike look at autism as a disability in today s world, but Gage proves that this is not true in fact he shows us all that it is his ABILITY No DIS in that Gage is a very sweet, considerate and likable boy in this book All of Nicole s characters are for that fact Nicole s ability to describe the homestead, Gage s fort, the weather, the season, and even the sights and sounds of Grimsley Hollow made it seem as if I watched the book vs read it I could see, feel, and smell everything she described vividly in my mind s eye In my opinion that is real talent A talent that is a MUST for people writing books for the intended audience.The ONLY part of Grimsly Hollow I did not like was the ending or should I say that it ENDED I was so involved with the characters I was not ready to have the book come to an end As I read the last few pages, I felt as if I was saying goodbye to MY family or MY friends, not just characters in a book, and I didn t want to.I am looking forward to book two of this series to carry on the adventures of this young hero, his family and his new friends I will be watching my local book stores and for books by Nicole Storey, to see read what adventures the future holds for my new friends. Gage Gilbert Is An Eleven Year Old Boy Who Has Autism, Loves Halloween, And Has No Friends Although He Has Always Been Happy With The Safety And Security Of His Family, He Longs For A Real Friend And Adventure Not Just The Ones He Makes Up In His Head Then, He Meets Eve Eve Is A Young Witch From Another World Called Grimsley Hollow It S Where All Magical Beings Live In Safety And Peace, But Their World Is In Trouble Gage Is The Only One Who Can Help Save Them From An Evil Witch Who Has Taken Control With Eve S Help Along With A Sarcastic Pixy, A Trouble Making Werewolf, And A Half Vampire , Gage Travels To Grimsley Hollow Together, They Begin A Journey That Will Change Them All It S A Dangerous Race Against Evil, Where Creatures Unheard Of Stalk The Land Under A Harvest Moon And Monsters That Only Exist In Dreams Become Real Gage Wanted Friends And Adventure, But He Had No Idea They Would Come At Such A Dangerous Price Can One Autistic Boy Defeat An Evil Witch And Help Save His New Friends Travel To Grimsley Hollow And Find Out Gage is a good kid He is from a good family with loving parents and a kid sister who is just about the best sister ever Gage is also autistic It is not who he is, just something about him Something that makes it hard for him to make friends in school But there is something else about Gage, something powerful than autism Gage has magic Because of the unique person he is, he is the only one who can save Grimsley Hollow from an evil witch who threatens the magical world as well as the ordinary world we all live in Gage is the only one who can stand in her way Merely because of who he is The things about him that have nothing to do with autism Things like love, courage and a strong sense of what is right and what is not right This is a wonderful story about the best parts of all of us A powerful metaphor about the differences between a label and what a person truly is It is a story about how when a person is accepted for who they are, supported and loved for those reasons alone, they can perform incredible feats and overcome tremendous difficulties The simple fact is that Gage is a good kid, from a good family who loves him and he loves them in return All it takes is for a few people to see him for who he truly is to give him the confidence to grow into a strong adult Masterful tale about love, courage and a really great kid I loved it. A brief moment of disclosure, Ms Storey is a person I consider a friend However, I told her in advance that I don t play favorites when I write a review She was willing to accept things to fall where they may I am pleased to say that this is my first experience as a reader of her fiction, and it will not be the last.A few bugs in the editing did not hamper this story Yes, there is ONE instance of a name swap not several as one might be lead to believe, however, I am certain that the author will tend to it now that she is aware, so it is probably not an issue much past the date of this review.As for the story, it was charming and very engaging This tale is told from the POV of a young witch s journal It is not overdone with magic, but instead is a groundwork piece that I am certain will be enriching when I read Grimsley Hollow The Chosen One.I am not sure when people started thinking that YA had to mean dumbed down or simplistic Ms Storey does not take her target audience for granted, nor does she pretend that they live in a bubble There are moments of humor and drama that will appeal to her audience of younger readers, and there are a few clever lines couched within for the adults.Last, for parents of children with autism, I recommend this book highly and even without reading the next, will say that this is a story to share with that childshow them that they can indeed be a hero For many parents, they already are. The Chosen One by Nicole Storey brings you right into Gage s life I love how this tale opens wide from the very beginning It made me want to know in an instant.Full of suspense and adventure, this impeccably written mysterious Halloween story sparked my curiosity and kept me interested all the way through.The Grimsley Hollow series is clearly not just for young adults However, it does inspire young people to read It s a reason to get off of their devices and video games and actually read a book What a concept Something that is decreasing as time goes by which is a real shame since young people can get the best education by reading Let s hope that changes because books like these gets you thinking as there are many positive messages and virtues shared throughout these pages It s actually much than it seems It s golden I admire how the author deals with Gabe s autism It s done with grace and respect As well as compassion and deep understanding I found it to be empowering.I think it s so good for others to know that they are not alone and it is their differences that make them special Big accolades Quote He once told her it was like having an incurable disease You could live with it and could actually be happy at times, but there was something missing Sometimes you forgot about the missing part but your mind would stumble over it eventually, like remembering a forgotten toy when you trip over it For the most part, he accepted his autism, but Liv knew that until society accepted it, her son would always have problems. What Grimsley Hollow was able to establish throughout the book was the fact everyone, is important, no matter what difference or disability they may have Even though he has been labeled with the word autistic , Gage The Chosen One is the best person to be the hero in this book Without what the world deems as a defect there is no way he would be so in tuned with his surroundings, nor have the ability to show empathy for others.I love the story line, the way Gage s special abilities are brought out, and the way I found myself part of the fantasy and routing for the young warriors Usually I avoid fantasy like a plague, but heard so many good things about the book I had to read it I m glad I did Nicole did such a fantastic job with her descriptions the fantasy land seemed so real I didn t have to force my imagination to see the settings I can t wait to read the next books in the series. Not all heroes wear capes Not all vampires are monsters What some view as flaws are really strengths.This story of a young boy with autism is an adventure for adult and young adult alike It realistically portrays the challenges the hero faces in the normal world, and how those challenges pale in the supernatural world to which he is transported I learned so much about autism from this book, but didn t realize it until I turned the last page I kinda fell in love with the magical creatures Gage the young boy encounters and befriends, and eventually saves.If all of Ms Storey s writing is as strong as this, I know what I ll be reading all summer Thanks for a beautiful book Grimsley Hollow is about a character many people don t get to read about often.It s about a young boy without any friends, but he is smart Gage loves Halloween and it s one of the holidays that break him out of his shell While that may seem like many characters, it isn t.Gage has autism.The book dives into his emotions and it s interesting to see the perspective of someone with a disability some cannot understand Put me in that category I don t know many people with autism, and Nicole Storey helped me understand what a scary and brilliant world it could be for someone with it.But even though Gage has autism, he has found ways to enjoy life whether it s through Halloween or playing make believe games in his fort The story starts with Gage finding a key that leads to a secret land where creatures he read about or saw in movies are real vampires, werewolves, fairies and witches.Even though Gage has limitations, the people of Grimsley Hollow need his help, and he doesn t seem held back in this new world They don t care about his autism and treat him as they would any other child.While the book is full of adventure, it s also about a boy learning to love himself.I thought most of the characters were well done and Storey does a nice job if staying true to them throughout the book My favorite character was a pixie named Puck He definitely added a bit of comic relief and was one of the bright spots in the book with his dramatic flair.The storyline was well thought out and comes with a little surprise at the end, at least enough of a surprise to get a series going if Storey decides to move in that direction.I have two recommendations for Storey if she should continue writing and I hope she does Listen to people talk and how they say things Some of the dialogue in the book felt a bit forced It s how people say things or little nuances about the things people say that could actually help develop characters even further The use of cliches was a bit much There are ways to say things without having to use a phrase that has been used thousands upon thousands of times before I d like to see Storey come up with original ways of describing a character s feeling.Overall, I really enjoyed the book and even told my 9 year old nephew he should read it It s a nice children s story and I look forward to seeing what happens next. Readability Easily readable.Hook To me there was only one hook to the first chapter and it was not real strong.Editing The editing was very good There was one sentence I had some doubt on because it appeared to be a fragment, but on further analysis, it was fine.Characters There were several characters The main character Gage, his teacher Beasley, His mother Liv, and the fish named after his teacher There was the wolf, but I did not learn enough about him to really gain an interest in him as a character.Understandable It was easy to follow what was going on.Visuals Nicole is very strong with her visuals all through the chapter She gave excellent descriptions of outfits, character actions, and the environment.Relatable I always felt this way through school I know it fairly well and related best with the teachers like Mr Beasley that made the classes interesting Even still I did not want to be there and found myself counting the minutes till it was time to go I could totally relate to Gage in this.Fun The first chapter was nearly all character build up and very little action to it It was a bit slow and I found myself hoping something was about to happen.Overall It was well written and the characters were well developed, but it did not tug at my interest to make me want to keep turning the pages to the next chapter.Synopsis Gage is a kid who does not fit in and does not like school Complicating this he suffers from a high function version of autism which inhibits his comfortable interactions with other kids There was a large black wolf.Favorite line Whoever said that patience is a virtue must have been a very boring person.Favorite character Mr Beasley with this costumes and unique ways of teaching an otherwise boring subject was my favorite character Mr Beasley the fish was a close second.