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Who doesn t love a story about a dragon, a handsome prince, and a princess in distress Eldohr Adventures Search for the Lost Kingdom delivers Full of breath taking descriptions, fearless fight to the death battles, and mystical, magical creatures, this is the tale of Prince Eldrick, handsome, yet lonely and bitter after the disappearance of his beloved parents The adventures have readers on the edge of their seats wondering yet, believing and hoping their hero comes through and saves the princess and unlocks all the evil spells the nasty dragon, Alibastizor has wrought throughout the peaceful kingdoms of Castlegrove and Greengate With the help of a kindly, gentle Oracle named Fortugahr and a beautiful winged pegasus, Elequene, Prince Eldrick finds his strength through love, friendship, and magic A heroic rescue in the most fantastic sense.I m hoping there s a sequelplease Thank you to T.L Wood, Hobbes End Publishing LLC, and Goodreads Firstreads for this book. Won this in a first reads contest, and it was really good I had a little bit of a tough time at the beginning The tone of the story was a bit odd, and the writing style was not what I was expecting, but then I realized that it was written in the style of a bedtime story and in that respect, it was wonderfully done It would be the perfect book for a child, and I m looking forward to sharing the story with Devin when he gets a little older The only complaint I have was that the story seemed to end rather abruptly, and it seems that it is incomplete without the next book How will the story end Welcome To The Mysterious World Of Eldohr, Where The Land Is Vast And Colorful This World Was Once Reigned By Two Royal Kingdoms Who Were Friends And Allies Castlegrove To The North, Greengate To The South A Terrible Dragon, Alibastizor, Has Destroyed All Dreams Of These Kingdoms Ruling Together In Harmony By Casting The Wicked Zilemstone Spell, Alibastizor Has Kidnapped The Beautiful Princess Zara Shadenbrooke The Princess Has A Special Power, And The Dragon Means To Make It His All Hope Lies With Elrick Darkmoore With The Help Of The Wise Oracle, And The Alluring Elequene, Elrick Must Overcome His Selfish Nature, Risking Everything To Reclaim His Kingdom And Rescue Princess Zara When you enter this world that contains such places as the Valley of Beauty, the Forest of Enchantment, and Blood Mountain, you won t be able to help becoming immersed in this story of gallant families, heroic kings although not heroic at first , evil dragons, and a princess in distress While the plot isn t complicated it is a fairy tale, after all , its doesn t lack in detail, either The characters are well written, the action is nicely balanced throughout the whole story, the fairy tale aspect never overwhelms the story nicely avoiding the risk of making the book too cute.If you haven t had the pleasure of reading this book should Personally, I can t wait for Book 2. This book was a very interesting read The author has a vivid imagination that takes you to a world of magic and wonder It has enough in it for the adult and just enough magic for the child, or maybe the child in all of us I will be waiting to see if we find Windsoar and if he is reunited with Elequene What about the lost prince, the princess, will they find their kingdoms I must find out I won a copy of this book on the first reads give away From the description it sounded like a fun fantasy type book, which is one of the genres I enjoy I was pleasantly surprised with the story Anyone who likes to read about a prince who rescues a princess from an evil dragon will enjoy this It is easy to read and has a clean story line My children would enjoy reading this too I hope the next book in the series will restore the prince to his kingdom, release the spell on his parents and the princesses kingdom I can t wait until the next one comes out. I won this book from GoodReads and let my 10 year old daughter read it after me She ll be reviewing it too After the first chapter where the author had to set up the place and characters, it really took off This started out as a bedtime story to her daughter and I could see where you could take a chapter each night to read to your children It s good though, and I enjoyed it. Elrick Darkmoore, the Prince of Greengate, the southern kingdom of Eldohr, is not a nice man he is cruel and tyrannical, seeking only to gain power and things He was not always this way due to the machinations of the cruel dragon Alibastizor, his parents disappeared when he was young his headmaster, a nasty fellow, told him they had left because he was a disappointment to them, and turned Elrick the way he is today However, when Alibastizor steals away the Princess Zara Shadenbrooke of Castlegrove, the northern kingdom, in order to take control of her special powers, Elrick is charged by the spell of a faery and the words of the Great Oracle to change his ways, and to prove this by saving Zara Can he find a way to free Zara from the cruel Alibastizor Can he change his ways and be a better person Written for fairly young readers, the story will likely be appealing to the age bracket for which it is created I, personally, didn t like it that much there were parts that I found appealing, but overall I felt it talked down too much to the reader however, looking at it from the point of view of the reader for whom it is meant, I think it would fulfill its purpose and be entertaining If you have young readers, you may find this book to be useful in getting them to continue their reading and learning. Eldohr Adventures Search for the Lost Kingdom by T.L Wood is a wonderfully crafted, stirring adventure for young readers.Eldohr is a land of myth and magic where kings and queens reign and dragons soar, terrorizing the countryside Because of these dragons, Princess Zara of Castlegrove and Prince Elrick of Greengate, lose their parents.The magic of the dreaded dragon, Alibastizor, is formidable He captures Princess Zara and it is up to the selfish Prince Elrick to save her.With the help of magical creatures, and his own sharp wits, Prince Elrick finds Princess Zara and saves her from Alibastazor s clutches Search for the Lost Kingdom is a thrilling read for children and adults The pictures Wood paints with her words are vibrant and colorful The story brings the reader into the world of Eldohr where anything is possible.I greatly enjoyed Eldohr Adventures Search for the Lost Kingdom and look forward to the next book in the series, Quest for Windsoar. Before receiving this book as a winner of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I read the information on T.L Woods Goodreads page and found that the story of Eldohr began as a bedtime story for the authors daughter With that information in mind I began to read and must say I was not disappointed As the story progressed I found myself making a mental list of those who would love to hear this tale Eldohr Adventures is truly an adventure There are kingdoms, Trolls, Dragons, an Oracle, a pegasus, a handsome prince, a greedy headmaster and a princess who needs to be saved The story is fast paced and I found it easy to lose myself in the storyline Every few pages I would read something reminiscent of the stories I had heard as a child, or had told my children, and the comfort of familiarity pushed me further into my comfy chair until duty forced my hand to put the book down and wait for another allotted window of time.I look forward to experiencing the next part of the Eldohr Adventures.