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Set in contemporary Ireland filled with warmth wit and drama Scarlet Feather is the story of Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather their spouses families and friends and the struggling new catering business that transforms their lives in ways big and small

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    This book promises that I will be laughing and crying with Cathy Tom and all their friends Well I was bored to tears if that counts?Cathy and Tom the main characters are clueless stupid and completely lack the ability to stand up for themselves You see they are simple Irish folk who just want to make good food have a solid marriage and make lots of Irish babies There are several other characters as well but they are eually forgettable and annoying Especially the coupple of mistreated kids who were probably supposed to be the part that makes me cry Sorry but I think that would reuire some sort of emotional bond with the charactersI think I might have been able to enjoy this book a bit if it wasn't so completely serious The author has no sense of humour about the story or the characters This is Serious Stuff You must Cry You must Laugh You must think Deep and Meaningfull thoughts about life and relationships And there is Nothing Funny about that young ladyAnd the cherry on top of this trainwreck? The ending of course where two people sit together in silent understanding Because in real and meaningfull relationships communication is unnecessary Isn't is all just sooo amazing?

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    This is easy listening at its best perfect for accompanying dreary chores and Christmas prepThe story spans a year in the life of Tom Feather and Cathy Scarlet who are trying to get their catering company off the ground and keep their personal relationships going We meet their family and friends and all their stories intertwine to entertain youThere are no twists and turns this is a family saga drama and was very enjoyableMaeve always manages to create characters that I like and want to know what happens to them If this appeals I would recommend the audio version which is read by Kate Binchy in her beautiful Irish accent

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    I was a little nervous at the beginning of this book when and characters were added to the story I was wondering if I should pull out an index card to keep track of them all Well Binchy does such a great job telling her story and developing her characters no need for the index card I absolutely adored this book This has now become a rare gem in my library This was so well told and so engaging I couldn’t wait to get back to it Although there are several characters the main one Cathy is the focal point She has started up a catering business with her friend Tom As she struggles to get the business off the ground she is also dealing with an extremely busy lawyer husband who never seems to have time for her 2 children that have suddenly appeared in their lives and a sister who is planning a Scottish wedding from the states and wants Cathy’s business to cater it All the other sub plots mixed in just add to the fun It’s been a while since I’ve read a Binchy and oh How I’ve missed her

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    I have read many Maeve Binchy books and I have to say I haven't met one I didn't like I decided to just pick one because this one had characters that were repeated in other novels uentins Nights of Rain and Stars Heart and Soul Evening Class Minding Frankie I love seeing the characters reappear not as primary but as secondary in other stories Ms Binchy's characters are her real strength because they always feels like friends And of course the setting in Ireland also Italy Greece London appeals to my wonderlust

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    There are a couple of writers that I read anything they write and Maeve Binchy is one of those readers When you pick up Scarlet Feather you notice 2 things 1 that this work is part of a larger story and 2 that it is good enough to stand alone Maeve's characters are always FULLY developed and you will occasionally find yourself shaking your head as some of the characters are just like people you may know in your personal life warts and all When I read her books my mind can seriously see the characters They come in all shapes heights and varying varieties of Irish backgrounds So without spoiling the story line the Starlet Feather is a catering business It touches the lives of just about everyone in town and has people from owners to customers to children and abuse recovery The two main characters Katy Scarlet and Tom Feather are individuals mentioned and written about in previous books and it is nice to see them enjoy the fruits of their labors in Scarlet Feather What I enjoy also in this book is you witness the growth and development of personalities For example without giving away the plot The Twins burst into the scene as wild unkempt run about children with no manners or thought of their surroundings or other people Mid way the book you see them making attempts at polite conversation and interaction Still sticking their foots in their mouths but immediately making apologies and corrections eager to learn By the books end they have transformed not into a Prince and Princess but into polite manageable children who have captured the hearts of some of the town folk who in turn praise Katy for her hand in turning them around despite their situation Psst my favorite side characters in this read are the twins and WalterNot of the plot is revealed but I do believe that you will be drawn in before you have completed reading the first chapterThis is the second time I have read Scarlet Feather and read 3 is in the future Check out your local library for a digital copy to listen to audio books make those car trips enjoyable plus you can read the book while doing gardening or other chores If Ms Binchy write a travel book I am definitely getting a copySo this is me not the best review writer signing off

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    This is probably the 3rd or 4th book by Maeve Binchy that I've read I read her books when I was in college and I have really loved her writing She writes these intricate stories that involve a lot of characters and several story lines they usually end up intertwined at the end in surprizing ways Often main characters of one book will end up as supporting characters in another That being said I didn't LOVE this book the way I loved the others The beginning of the book was slow because there were so many story lines to set up After the set up it began to follow Cathy and Tom starting up their catering business and taking on jobs a large bulk of the book involved details of catering job after catering job after catering job and so forth There were story lines that I thought were going to have a big dramatic ending that fizzled out at the end I felt some of the others were resolved too uickly or too easily The ending was the usual neat clean ending all the loose ends were being tied up Despite the things I disliked I did enjoy the book I wouldn't NOT recommend it but if you've never read Maeve Binchy's books before I'd probably recommend Tara Road or Evening Class before I would recommend this bookIt's worth noting that it's been at least 5 or 6 years since I've read one of Maeve Binchy's books and I'm left wondering if I would love the others as much as I did back then if I re read them today It's been so long that I honestly couldn't say if this book is actually less enjoyable in comparison to the others I've read or if my taste in writing as changed that much over time

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    35Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather met in culinary school and became fast friends Now they’ve joined forces to start a catering company – Scarlet Feather They’re young energetic and talented and have made some good connections They’ve found the prefect premises to make their new business the best in Dublin They know it will be hard work but they are ready to pursue their dream and with the support of friends and family they feel sure they will succeedBinchy excels at writing ensemble pieces that show ordinary people in some extraordinary circumstances This novel covers a year in the lives of Cathy Tom their life partners parents employees friends and family They make mistakes have emotional melt downs overcome obstacles find reserves of love and compassion smile through adversity and never stop working to achieve their dream One thing I like about Binchy’s novels is that her characters are so real They may be brilliant chefs but Tom and Cathy also have character flaws They’re both far too reticent when it comes to expressing their feelings preferring to put off to tomorrow what should be faced today But over the course of the novel they do grow and mature The rest of the ensemble cast is unevenly drawn Cathy’s parents have a fairly significant role and are pretty complete but Tom’s parents are rarely seen and his mother in particular is somewhat of a caricature Neil’s father also was very simply drawn though maybe his general absence from the story is indicative of his absence as a true father The book is written in a style that supports the ensemble cast Each chapter covers a month in the year but is divided into short vignettes jumping from character to character and scene to scene The result is that the reader gets a complete picture than any of the characters does

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    Set over a period of one year Scarlet Feather is a novel featuring Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather who open a catering company together As they deal with the joys and heartbreak of owning a business their relationship with each other changes as does their relationship with the other's around themnotably Cathy's husband Neil who is a lawyer who wants to save the world and Tom's beautiful girlfriend Marcella who will do just about anything to make it as a model Also involved are Cathy's parents Muttie who knows that the next bet he places will be the winner and his wife Lizzie who used to clean for Neil's mother Neil's family also plays an important part in the novel especially his cousin Walter and Maud and Simon Walter's neglected 8 year old brother and sister Other characters include Cathy's family in America her Aunt Geraldine and their accountant James Byrne By the end of the year each character's life had changed many in ways they never would have imagined Maeve Binchy is a talented writer who can create many characters and make you care about each one bad or good Muttie Maud and Simon are the characters that stood out the most to me I wish Neil and Cathy's earlier relationship had been developed it's hard to understand what brought the two of them together I do like the way the novel is set over the period of a year it's amazing how much life can change in a year I like Maeve Binchy's books but there is something a bit melancholy about them that while I enjoy reading them after I've finished it's a long time before I read another one

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    Another delightful Binchy Her characters are rich real flawed and yet you can't help but get invested in their stories How to make annoying kids tolerable a long standing betting man the sane voice of the story and the dissolution of a long relationship wistful and still hurt so less this mastery belongs to Binchy Once again I marvel at the depth of her understanding of all sorts of human nature without unnecessary judgement; presenting all facets for the reader to get familiar with while not making them unlikeable or flat The story revolves around two successful partners who run a catering company each have a long term relationship and stubborn families to deal with with the additional drama of burglary and difficult circumstances to overcome The reader travels through the successes and the bad times showing how good understanding can come in the places one least expects and the closest can disappoint one without even knowing how they inflict wounds The remaining characters are well fleshed none of them feel like an afterthought You begin to care for children who are abandoned by a sketchy but rich father and a mother who is slowly descending into a debilitating mental illness and despite them not being winsome in the least are shown to be exactly like real children not precocious but painfully direct and taking everything literallyThere's an independent older women managing modern relationships which aren't the usual fare being a mistress and still firmly self aware of what she's dealing with there's the very much working class couple who's daughter has married way above her place in society the struggle the daughter faces in empowering her mother to stop thinking of herself as merely the cleaning lady all of this and a few that make the tapestry so richA satisfying and engrossing read

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    I'm not sure why I liked this book so much It wasn't a big message book really but it was charming The appeal had something to do with how likeable the characters were despite very obvious flaws It had something to do with how the characters forgave each other their flaws and supported each other regardless It had something to do with the pluck shown by so many of the characters The plot was uniue the characters were uniue and plot and message were compelling and uplifting