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How Can You Be A Hero When You Re Already A Legend Despite The Death Of Grandma And Her Own Diagnosis Of Incurable Cancer, Eighteen Year Old Leandra Returns To The Magical Realm Of Finian Jahndra At The Urgent Request Of Her Friend, Songcatcher Prince Aspen Needs Leandra And Her Enchanted Flute To Help Repel An Army Of Invading Humans Leandra Hopes Her Health Will Return As Well But Something Is Terribly Wrong The Flute Has No Power And The Invaders Are Killing Important Leaders Leandra Must Find A Way To Rally The Birds And Humans Of Finian Jahndra To Defeat The Growing Dark Force Before The Magic Dies Forever Return to Return to Finian Jahndra is a wonderfully enchanting sequel to Lenadra s Enchanted Flute and a story that will make you believe in miracles, hope and love.Leandra is back, but much has changed in her life since helping to save Finian Jahndra from the canker over four years ago She is grieving a great loss of family and friends at the beginning of this story and must endure a recurrence of her own cancer along with chemo treatments The future does not look very good for both Leandra and Finian Jahndra but both must fight a brave battle again and hope that a miracle happens before it is too late.The author did a great job in the continuing development of the main characters of this book Leandra is grown up now and must face adult issues, Prince Aspen must mount an offensive against the newest threat to his homeland an invading army and Songcatcher is a well crafted character that make the story that much fun and enjoyable to read I devoured the first book in this series and could not wait to read the second book It was well worth the time as it is one that is full of hope, love, magic and miracles I would definitely recommend it to those who are lonely or suffering as well as those who like a good fantasy story with a happy ending. Awesome sequel 4.5 stars First of all, I must say I adore the names of the birds in this book They re lyrical and simply beautiful When Leandra returns to Finian Jahndra, you know right away there s something wrong They are at war and she must find a way to protect the people and birds she loves I love how, despite her cancer returning, Leandra or Lifebringer is strong, smart, and brave But unlike the first book that was light and happy despite the canker , this one feels darker because Aspen is gone among other things I can t mention because Spoilers You feel his loss throughout the entire book and you can tell Leandra is not happy at all There has to be a third book because quite a few things are unsolved or still at loose ends I do love the ending though and wanted to cry at the thought of the future will not spoil it here I m not a fan of war and battles though so I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first one but that doesn t mean it wasn t an awesome read And I know I m in the minority when it comes to that Lastly, I wanted an explanation for the betrayal but maybe that will come in the third book which I really hope exists or will exist soon Verdict read the first one then read this one You won t regret it If you like birds, fantasy adventure, and mystery, this book s for you If you know someone with cancer, it will also help you understand how it feels to have to live with incurable cancer.