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Already beloved by horse lovers all over the world the tales of the Phantom Stallion are as captivating and thrilling as the Wild West itselfThis wildly popular series continues with adventures of Samantha and her mysterious mustang known as the PhantomA mustang racing competition brings Sam and her friend Jake together but will it ruin her friendship with her wild horse?

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    My rating system5 GushAbsolutely Loved4 Low LoveHigh Like3 Like2 Meh1 DislikeHateIf it is a5 star I round up5 StarsThis was one of my favorite series from my childhood although I only read books 1 68 10 due to the fact that the local libraries didn't have them and the book stores didn't have them in stock whenever I went to them So I am re reading the books that I have read and reading for the first time the books I missed out onAs Samantha and her friends prepare for a charity horse race they're very excited Sam is riding Ace and her race partner Jake plans to rope and train a wild pinto fillyBut the wild pinto has other plans When the filly escapes and runs off with the Phantom Sam is torn If she helps Jake she's taking the filly away from the Phantom Will she betray her friend or her wild horse?

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    I'm not sure how much longer I can last with the series I am curious about Dark Sunshine's foal although I doubt she'll be foaling by the end of Book 11 How long has she been pregnant? Since Book 3 is it now? In the meantime we have to get through schoolyard shenanigans and neighbor problems Oh and a horse race billed as The Super Bowl of Horsemanship Isn't Super Bowl copyrighted? And then there's the problem of the Native American character doing his manhood initiation thing which in this case consists of taming a wild filly during Spring Break Let the puns begin

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    Red Feather Filly by Terri Farley centers around Sam Forster and Jake Ely training for a local charity race but as it nears Sam has to make a choice between her friend and her horse This book is probably one of my favorites in the series because of the interactions between Sam and Jake It's very exciting and leaves you wanting

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    This is actually the first Phantom Stallion I ever read I friend had given it to me as a birthday presentI remember reading it and falling in love with the characters and the writing And thus began my love for this seriesAs always Terri did a wonderful job with this book

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    one of my favriotes i can't spell the word

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    This one is really good This time it's about teamwork Her best friend Jake Ely must rope and train a wild paint horse named Star Shower This is really good

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    Good to pass time Can be interestingexciting but def for horse freaks

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    Amazing book training a horse isn`t easy

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    See the first book in the series for a full review

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    it was awesome and thrilling