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A Blandings novelCan the Empress of Blandings win the Fat Pigs class at the Shropshire Show for the third year running? Galahad Threepwood Beach the butler and others have put their shirt on this and for Lord Emsworth it will be paradise on earth But a substantial obstacle lurks in the way ueen of Matchingham the new sow of Sir Gregory Parsloe Bart Galahad knows this pretender to the crown must be pignapped But can the Empress in turn avoid a similar fate?In this classic Blandings novel pigs rise above their bulk to vanish and reappear in the most unlikely places while young lovers are crossed and recrossed in every room in Blandings Castle

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    The first Wodehouse book I ever read I was in love from page 1 and subseuently read almost all of the eighty odd books he ever wrote Full of absurd wildly wonderful plots uirky characters and wit so dry you could burn your fingers on it PG's books always have a happy ending so be prepared to walk with a lighter step when you're done

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    What have I learned from this book? Wodehouse gets lightyears of mileage out of the same basic plot time and time again Pigs Have Wings has the same plot elements as the other Blandings Castle books 1 a pig napping2 a broken engagement3 an imposter at the castleHere's how it went downSir Gregory Parsloe brings in a ringer for the Fat Pig contest in an effort to keep the Empress of Blandings from three peating Clarence Earl of Emsworth is outraged Not only that Parsloe's niece is the pig keeper at Blandings Castle and his fiancee is staying at Blandings Uncle Galahad smooth player that he is decides to kidnap the ueen of Matchingham in retaliation Through in subplots about three broken engagements and a detective at Blandings and you have a classic Wodehouse romp There were uite a few laugh out loud moments in this oneA few months later I lent my girlfriend this book and she said she liked it was better than The Code of the Woosters That's about the highest praise a Wodehouse book can get

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    If you like your baronets slender and willowy you would not have cared much for Sir Gregory Parsloe 36Needing a bit of cheer I decided to sneak in another Wodehouse I was not disappointed—in fact I am going to stick my neck out here and say that Pigs Have Wings is the funniest of the Blandings novels

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    In this groundbreaking treatise Wodehouse has set out to answer some of the most perplexing uestions of mankind such as what to do when you unexpectedly find a large pig in your kitchen? Should you feed your pig weight loss drugs? Where should a thirsty pig man find his drink when his master has forbidden all pubs to serve him? What happens to a dignified gray haired butler when he must ride a bicycle? How to deal with an engagement hexagon? And many such weighty matters At the end of which my family was darting curious glances at me as I was loudly laughing listening to this ditty

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    More mayhem ensues at Blandings Castle with the forthcoming annual Fat Pig contest The Empress of Blandings has some stiff competition in the shape of the ueen of Matchingham owned by that bounder Sir Gregory Tubby Parsloe Add some star crossed lovers into the mix and you have another thumpingly good read from Wodehouse

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    Reading Wodehouse is pure bliss His writing style seems simple but it is not Wodehouse is a genius and he painstakingly creates humor out of ordinary everyday situations It is not slap stick satire or comic It is pure unadulterated humor Reading Wodehouse is the best stress buster and anti depressant He doesn’t claim to very highly literary writing prowess In his own words “I believe there are two ways of writing novels One is making a sort of musical comedy without music and ignoring real life altogether; the other is going deep down into life and not caring a damn”Wodehouse believed that one of the factors that made his stories humorous was his view of life and he stated that If you take life fairly easily then you take a humorous view of things It's probably because you were born that way For a humorous novel you've got to have a scenario and you've got to test it so that you know where the comedy comes in where the situations come in splitting it up into scenes you can make a scene of almost anything and have as little stuff in between as possibleBandings castle and its characters is one the best of his creations All other charaters Jeevs Ukridge Bertram Wooster Psimth Mulliner Clarence Threepwood Sebastian Beach Ashe Marson Joan Valentine J Preston Peters Aline Peters Freddie Threepwood Mrs Twemlow Mrs Bell Richard Jones George Emerson Lord Stockheath Adams Rupert J Baxter Thorne George Threepwood Ann Warblington Merridew James Alfred Mildred Mant Horace Mant Judson Algernon Wooster Bishop of Godalming Billy Muriel Dr Bird Slingsby Chester Ferris Miss Willoughby etc are highly likable I think there will not be a single person who cannot like Wodehouse

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    Actually 35ENGLISH One of the best novels in the Blandings Castle series The gags follow one another without giving the reader rest I liked specially that the hackneyed trick of having two loving hearts sundered as a conseuence of an accidental misinterpreted observation is not used in this book although at least once it seemed about to happenA few startling uotes from chapter 5 Lord Emsworth was a man who since the death of his wife twenty years ago had made something of a lifework of avoiding women He could not of course hope to avoid them altogether for women have a nasty way of popping up at unexpected moments but he was uick on his feet and his policy of suddenly disappearing like a diving duck had had excellent results ‘He’s absent minded isn’t he?’ ‘Yes I think one could fairly call him that If he has a mind it is very seldom there’ He had received his early education at Harrow and Old Harrovians he reminded himself when they have plighted their troth to Girl A do not go about folding Girl B in their arms Old Etonians yes Old Rugbeians possibly But not Old Harrovians For the outstanding feature of the interior of that shed was its complete freedom from pigs of any descriptionESPAÑOL Una de las mejores novelas de la serie del Castillo de Blandings Los gags se suceden sin dar descanso al lector Me gustó especialmente ue no se utilice el truco trillado de separar dos corazones amorosos como consecuencia de una observación accidental malinterpretada aunue al menos una vez esto parecía estar a punto de sucederAlgunas citas espectaculares del capítulo 5 Lord Emsworth era un hombre ue desde la muerte de su esposa veinte años antes había dedicado su vida a evitar a las mujeres No podía por supuesto evitarlas totalmente ya ue las mujeres tienen la desagradable peculkiaridad de aparecer en momentos inesperados pero él era rápido con los pies y su política de desaparecer repentinamente como un pato ue se sumerje le había dado excelentes resultados Habiendo recibido su educación temprana en Harrow tuvo ue recordarse ue los exalumnos de Harrow cuando se han comprometido con la Chica A no se dedican a abrazar a la Chica B Los exalumnos de Eton sí Los ex alumnos de Rugby posiblemente sí Pero no los exalumnos de Harrow Porue la característica más evidente en el interior de ese cobertizo era la completa ausencia de cerdos de cualuier descripción

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    What ho old sport? My first non Jeeves Wodehouse I needn't have had any trepidation in going beyond Bertie and Jeeves Wodehouse is Wodehouse Now I want to read the other Blandings Castle stories And the Psmith booksPG Wodehouse essentially wrote TV sitcoms for people who'd rather read books than watch TV In this episode of Blandings Castle two wealthy twits get in a conflict over which of their prize pigs will win a contest Along the way we have pig nappings a detective a crime novelist butlers and off again on again engagements Our hero is the roguish Galahad Threepwood a clever dick who always lands on his feetThis book adds luster my good taste in having named Wodehouse as one of my all time favorite writers

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    As in any fairy tale they all lived happily ever after Mostly

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    One of the funniest by Wodehouse One could be uoting paragraphs from start to end I'll write just twoThe door opened again this time to admit a handsome woman of imperious aspect in whom after blinking once or twice through his pince nez he recognized his sister Lady Constance KeebleHe eyed her apprehensively like some rat of the underworld cornered by G men Painful experience had taught him that visits from Connie meant trouble and he braced himself as always to meet with stout denial whatever charge she might be about to hurl at him He was a great believer in stout denial and was very good at itInstead of the blot on a proud family which his sister Constance his sister Julia his sister Dora and all his other sisters considered him he might have been a youngish teetotaller who had subsisted from boyhood on yoghurt yeast wheat germ and molasses He himself attributed his health to steady smoking plenty of alcohol and his life long belief that it was bad form to go to bed before three in the morning