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Discusses the evolution of prehistoric ape like creatures into human beings theorizing that the key to this transformation was the ability to share cooperate in a social context

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    What ages would I recommend it too? – Twelve and up Length? – Several days readCharacters? – Human kind throughout historySetting? – EarthWritten approximately? – 1977Does the story leave questions in the readers mind? – Ready to read Any issues the author or a recent publisher should cover? NoShort storyline A history of human kind and archeology as known in the 1970'sNotes for the reader While there have been finds and few changes in notions this book covers the past present and future in an exciting way It is amazing how many estimates of the the late 1900's to early 2000's the author guessed correctly

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    This book and his People of the Lake led me to a lifelong study of Anthropology He is a fascinating man and I was lucky enough to hear him speak and then talk with him after a speech he gave at UNM in the 1990s Whether discussing human culture hominid evolution or the fate of the elephants of Kenya Leakey personifies dignified grace and curious intellect A hero of mine Read this book and he may be a hero of yours as well

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    Fascinating I loved this book My appreciation for all living beings was enhanced exponentially

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    A well written examination of the development of humans from the fossil record

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    the ending is remarkable

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    I should probably get the update I saw a televised version of this and the book form is than a transcript but I'd recommend both If you don't actually SEE Richard Leakey pontificating you lose something I knew a lot of this already but there were parts I'd never considered like Leakey's point that warfare is not a matter of agression but a cooperative act This informed my reading of such things as The Left Hand of Darkness

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    I fould this book in my library one day and started reading it It did a great job explaining how little we know about where we come from All of what we know about our ancestors comes from samples of recovered bones that would hardly fill a kitchen cabinet Things like this make this book a great read

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    This book was amazing Richard Leakey does an amazing job describing evolution specifically our origins in such a way that makes you feel like you yourself are undergoing evolution as you read I found myself in the scenes Leakey describes walking among our ancestors I will never view humanity the same again

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    Excellently written This book held my attention from beginning to end

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    Really good Dated by now but really helped clarify my thinking at the time on human origins and was well written in addition