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The #1 International Bestseller now in trade paperback—with 16 pages of photosNumber one bestselling author Ken Follett tells the inspiring true story of the Middle East hostage crisis that began in 1979 and of the unconventional means Ross Perot used to save his countrymen 

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    This book is personal for me since I worked for Ross Perot's firm EDS in San Francisco during that time I remember seeing the letters from co workers in Iran posted on the computer room's bulletin board I watched on TV the news about the escape of EDS people from Iran How many bosses would help get employees out of danger like he did? This fantastic book will explain why Ross Perot became a hero to me

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    Follett steps away from his fiction thrillers to tell the real life story of two EDS employees working in Iran who were arrested and held in an Iranian jail without being charged with anything in 1979 prior to the Iranian hostage situation I knew nothing about this till reading the bookI also gained a new found respect for Ross Perot who was the owner of EDS and later became a presidential canidate The only thing I knew about Ross Perot was that he was a short guy with big ears I found out he is a man of honor who cares for his employees enough to put his own life in danger He organizes other employees many of them who had a military background and sends them to Iran to get his employees out of jail and back to the US He also talks Bull Simons a retired Army Colonel into training and leading these volunteersFollett does a good job of setting out what took place and keeps the large cast of characters familiar to the reader It was interesting to see all the diplomatic actions that were attempted and the failings of our government to protect its citizens Well worth reading to learn about Iran which continues to be a hot bed even today

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    This book is amazing Really you couldn't make this stuff up even if you wanted I must thank one of my faculty members for making me read On Wings of Eagles Ken Follett is one my favorite well maybe my favorite authors and I hadn't even known that this book existed until December 2012On Wings of Eagles is the 100% true story of the rescue operation that Ross Perot organizes after two of his EDS employees working in the Iran branch are jailed This story takes place in 1978 79 not long before the bigger well known Iran hostage situation The only liberties that Follett takes is that he changed the name of several characters to help protect their identities and that the conversations may not be 100% accurate as it's hard for people to recall their exact wordsconversations However all conversations in the book were shown to those involved so the integrity is thereI have to say that I would LOVE to get to chat with Ross Perot I must admit that I really didn't and still don't know much about him but I've learned that he is a man of integrity and will go to any length to keep his people safe It was so nice to see such a rich man going to such great lengths to protect his men and do what needed to be done to get them home and safe

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    In 1983 best selling novelist Ken Follett set aside his usual spy fictions in favor of this non fictional account of the rescue of two American businessmen who had been unfairly jailed in late 1978 without process of law in revolutionary Iran The two men were employees of Dallas's EDS corporation and company head Ross Perot wasn't having any of it This is the story of how the two men got out of jail and were smuggled into Turkey before their return to the USA and it's uite an interesting one although it was a matter of making the most of a rapidly changing chaotic situation than a strong arm rescue like Entebbe Probably the greatest weakness in this otherwise highly readable account is its length over 400 pages While the principal players are numerous and divided into Clean and Dirty teams I wish author Follett had not reintroduced their personalities and uirks at almost every opportunity

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    This is an awesome book Three reasons 1 Follett is an excellent story teller 2It's an espionagethriller sort of 3 it is TRUE You all know Ross Perot Well he owns EDS Electronic Digital Systems In 1979 he had a bunch of his guys in Iran putting together a Social Security system for them AND a Medicare system for them At one pointthe Iranians stopped paying After about 6 months they were owing around 4 billion About this time the revolution broke out and there was some political stuff I didn't understand; however the matter came down to this two of his top exec's were put into prison right at Christmas time Not a good place to be in prison at any time of the year Perot immediately took action going through gov't channels trying to get his men back home Nothing was working even Henry Kissinger couldn't help him At one point Perot looks at Skully and says what are we going to do Skully says break them out Skully assembled a group of 6 EDS guys who knew Tehran and had been in Special Ops Wow What a thriller

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    Being from Dallas and raised during Ross Perot's run for the presidency I was surprised I didn't know about his behind the scenes rescue mission of two EDS employees during the Iranian revolution I enjoy Ken Follett and hearing him speak recently about his friendship with Perot made me run out and get this book Written like a thriller you cheer for the Texan who works his governmental connections uses his personal money and ultimately puts a motley crew of men with true grit together to get these guys out Along the way you are shown the day to day under pinnings of the US government the wives who are left behind and how everyday Iranians are affected by doing business in a sometimes lawless land

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    This real account of Ross Perot's successful attempt at liberating two of his employees arrested during the last days of the regime in Iran and the first days of Iranian revolution is an incredible and real adventure which was turned into a movie in the 1980s with Burt Lancaster playing Bull Simmons and an array of other great actors playing the parts of the real EDS employees who accepted to stay or go back to Iran to try and rescue their colleagues This is not the story of the later hostages in the US Embassy in Iran which took place months after this case ended with a spectacular escape of the two americans from prison and their flight through revolution filled roads into Turkey Germany London and DallasDefinitely worth reading a different Ken Follet and a breathtaking adventure Wish I could find and see the Lancaster movieMaria CarmoLisbon 25 September 2018

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    The true story of how Ross Perot organized a secret rescue team to get his captive employees out of Iran when the US government couldn't be bothered Good tension throughout almost read like a novel Some members of our book club felt the book could have been shortened If it had been I'm not sure all the facts would have been properly presented

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    Wow What an incredible story of beating the odds This story is based on the real life events of EDS an American company contracted to create a social security type system in Iran and Ross Perot's uest to help his EDS employees escape the hands of the acting Iranian government Though parts of this story drag a bit it is an interesting cast of characters involved in this plot it's also interesting to hear this tale of a bit of american history

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    Ken Follett is one of my favorite authors I was really mesmerized by the Kingsbridge saga and the Century trilogy that he has authored not to mention his iconic debut novel The Eye of the Needle So I did have a lot of expectations about this work On Wings of Eagles is a fictionalized account of real life events that occurred in Teheran at the height of the Islamic revolution that unfolded in that country in 1979 It is not very easy to pull off a full length novel on real life events Follett rather wryly admits in the foreword to this work that he did face a problem as to how to make the narrative as fast paced as he would have liked because in real life things do not move that fast But he does make a concerted effort all the same and is fairly successful at that Electronic Data Systems EDS is a company that was founded by Ross Perot who later was a US Presidential hopeful as an independent candidate in 1992 and a Reform Party candidate in 1996 He had a strong showing in both the elections as a third party candidate other than Republican Democrat but was unsuccessful at the hustings In late 70s EDS started operations in Iran where they were involved in the establishment of a Social Security system for the country The company had moved into Iran when the country was under the control of the Shah who was running an autocratic and brutal regime However things began to go bad for the company when there was an uprising against the Shah which was spearheaded by the cleric Ayatollah Khomeini Shah in a bid to show his credentials as a paragon of virtue and to negate his losing grip on his country tried to go after the foreign companies in a bid to crack down on alleged corruption that they were indulging in There is controversy as to whether EDS was involved in corrupt practices or not in Iran Ken Follet in his work tries to portray EDS and Perot as totally upright and above board in their dealings with the bureaucracy in Iran However there are conflicting reports on this aspect and I happened to read an account suggesting the contrary in a web edition of The Chicago Tribune However that’s not the point of contention in this book What Follett wants to portray is the kind of commitment that Perot as an employer had towards his employees when they were caught in a situation of grave danger in a foreign country that was fast spiraling out of control Of course there is a likelihood that the account could be highly exaggerated to show Perot in good light but the basic fact remains that he was committed to taking care of his employees in their time of need In early 1979 two employees of EDS stationed in Teheran Paul Chiapparone and Bill Gaylord were arrested by the Iranian authorities The claim is that there were no charges made against the US employees and that they were arbitrarily kept in prison A steep bail of about 13 million US dollars was placed for their release which according to some other accounts was the amount that Iran had paid to EDS for allegedly unsatisfactory services provided by the company Again Follett papers over that particular allegation Perot tried to pull strings through the high and mighty in the US administration to get his employees released All his efforts came to nought probably because of the confusion and chaos that prevailed in the country with the Shah’s days on the throne being numbered It was at this juncture that the Texan came up with a daring plan to rescue his employees from Iran Perot sought the help of a retired marine Colonel by the name of Arthur “Bull” Simons He thereafter under the leadership of Simons created a team of volunteer EDS employees all of them ex soldiers to go into troubled Iran and extract the two jailed employees It was this act of daring and commitment of Perot that Follett has made the central theme of this book Under the leadership of Simons the team had carried out lot of practice for the prison break while they were still in Dallas All this was done based on the information regarding the layout of the prison and the situation in Iran that they had received from their contacts in Iran But once they landed in Teheran they were confronted by the fact that the actual layout of the prison was totally different as compared to what they were made to believe while they were in the States Moreover within a few days of the team landing in Iran Paul and Bill were transferred to the secure Gasr prison where close to 10000 prisoners were incarcerated Follett describes in detail the disappointments faced by the team on this account as well as the lengthy deliberations that were happening on the sidelines with the Iranian judicial authorities to possibly enable the release of the prisoners Finally in February 1979 there was an uprising in the Gasr prison aided by the revolutionaries which led to a prison break and both Bill and Paul getting out of the prison in the melee that followed According to Follett’s account an Iranian employee of EDS Rashid was actively involved in engineering the prison break but this fact is strongly contested in certain other accounts of the event that I had gone through Follett thereafter describes in detail the harrowing overland escape of the rescue team and the freed prisoners from Iran into Turkey The account of the overland escape predictably reads like the script of an escape movie with thugs unreasonable regional rebel leaders and hard physical conditions all thrown in for good measure A statement attributed to Col Simons as per another account however says that the escape was like a picnic down the road Maybe that was the perception of a battle hardened marine coming across Anyway it is not for the reader to doubt the truth of the details in the narration The fact that I appreciated was that Ross Perot had the gumption to plan such an audacious escape in spite of all the odds faced by the company in a totally destabilized country that Iran was at that point in time Various accounts state that the book was doctored by EDS and reuired the nod of Perot before publication I wouldn’t grudge Perot for that because I think he earned that right on account of the bold stand that he took in coming to the aid of his employees in their time of need I gather that a shrewd businessman’s brain was at work here because the book became a best seller Moreover the television rights of the book were also sold and a five part series was made which too became a much watched series on TV However even though the book is extremely enjoyable I would say that Ken Follett is not at his best here He does make a sincere effort to build up the narration what with all the efforts to etch out each and every character with a soul of their own I guess being a real life event the author did have certain limitations on the degree of freedom that he could afford to take with the portrayal of the protagonists It is however a very well researched book and will definitely be considered as one of the main sources of information about those tumultuous days in the history of Iran when the country was in the throes of a violent revolution