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Stacie Gillete's dreams are almost as big as her ego At 27 she is beginning to see a moderate amount of success as a reporter for the small but prestigious Austin Texas newspaper that she works for After a series of successful news articles brings her newfound triumph and attention Stacie begins to take herself far too seriously Then she blows one deadline too many and her editor decides to give her a final warning get an interview with bestselling romance author Cheryl Wright or else When Stacie blows the interview and soon finds that both her personal and professional lives are spinning out of control And to make things worse she's about to betray her best friend Brenda and finds herself alone and without the career she's taken for granted Will Stacie figure out that there's to life than the glitz and sensationalism that she craves? Will her best friend ever forgive her? And will she ever make amends with the enigmatic Cheryl Wright

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    If romance is what you had in mind picking this book Well you won't find much satisfaction However if you wouldn't mind following Stacie's reform story with a number of amusing egotistical and stupid tales then you'd certainly get your satisfaction I'd have wanted the author invested in romance rather than the rushed form as well as closure for Stacie's parents Brother and her friend

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    Mixed feelings about this one On the one hand it had characters who were NOT fabulously wealthy who had real and soul destroying struggle in their lives It looked at class and economics There was still an idealised notion that hard work and determination could get people out of the situation over generations but there was a need to stand together and support each other which was somewhat believable and even though I would have preferred politicisation around that it was refreshing to even have representation The romance itself was sweet ish even if slow moving and somewhat inexplicable I enjoyed the antics and escapades of naughty Stacie at the beginning even if I had little sympathy for her as far as her one sided to begin with friendship with Brenda and general narcissism went I felt the story tried to see all sides too much and portray her with sympathy than I could muster even given her difficult background Cheryl was too good to be true and I actually agree with Stacie's initial comments on romance fiction despite the fact I sometimes read it but then again the book did argue two points in romance's favour in some of the most articulate passages of the bookI felt the characterisation was a bit sloppy but grew to like some of the characters Estelle Vargas is a stereotype but one of my favourite ones I really enjoyed reading her The plot seemed undecided between whether her career lovelife or past were the main thrust this did not so much add complexity as confusion The writing was terrible in parts here are some examples As the tentacles spread deeper into her memory dredging up the past Stacie's body began to tremble p95 no mention of anything with tentacles immediately prior Another Stacie sensed she was standing at a crossroads If she followed the pathway leading toward Cheryl would she limit her chances of the career she had dreamed of so long? Or would that road lead her to the love and happiness she had been unconsciously seeking all these years? p252 Really? REALLY????? Let's set up that old dichotomy shall we and then end on a romantically happy ending that's not a spoiler considering the genreDespite its flaws it was a loveable and enjoyable book in many ways and a hell of a lot better than some I have had the misfortune to read this yearIf you like romance and redemption stories now with added cute kittens

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    I really love how this story is mostly about Stacie pulling her head out of her ass and acting like an actual kind and caring person Would have be awesome to read about Cheryl tho a very interesting character with not enough time in the book But still a very fun read

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    Very sweetI enjoyed this book At first I was somewhat annoyed by the self centered Stacey but as the plot evolved I was rooting for her and Cheryl Well done

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    I really enjoyed the flow of the story It developed smoothly Except for the very end It seemed abrupt but not forced Just left me wanting