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Free eBook Kiwis Christmas Tail (Kiwi Series, #6) Author Vickie Johnstone –

This was an excellent booK, I would highly recommend this booK to any one who wants an excellent read I looK forward to reading of this authors worK. For Kids Aged Up, Teens And Adults Book Six In The Kiwi SeriesDo You Believe In Magic And Things You Cannot See Fur, Magic, Thrills And Comedy Moments Fill This Fantasy Adventure Set Over Christmas, Involving A Star, A Fairy, A Witch, A Toad, Some Catizens And Santa Himself Amy, James And Their Magical Cat, Kiwi With Whom They Can Communicate , Find A Star But This Is Not An Ordinary Star He S Living And Breathing, And His Name Is Sharissimo A Year Earlier, The Star And A Fairy Called Lilabel Were Captured By An Evil Witch With A Big Wart On Her Nose While Sharissimo Managed To Escape, Lilabel Couldn T Can Amy, James And Kiwi Find The Fairy Before Christmas Eve And Rescue Her From The Clutches Of The Witch The Witch Herself Is In For A Shock When She Finds Herself In The Furry Land Of Cat CitySet In The Human World, Cat City And Santa S GrottoThis Book Can Be Read Without Having Read The Previous Ones, Because There Are No Series Plot Strands This is book six trust me to start near the end Luckily for me this one can be read as a standalone Whether you love cats, children s stories, hearty christmas tales or all three I recommend this book to you.Whether it s christmas or not this book is guaranteed to put you in the yule tide spirit It was like the literary equivalent of drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.Kiwi s Christmas Tail was kitty good Vickie has written a cute, stand alone, Christmas story using the characters from her series.Two children,Amy and James and their cat, Kiwi must help a star rescue a fairy from a witch and help them return to Santa before Christmas Their adventure flows easily and will keep all children enthralled I love how she shares moral values so smoothly Reminds all the true reason for this most precious season.I enjoyed the descriptions of Cat City and Santa s Grotto.Such a wonderfully vivid imagination Great Work S CHRISTMAS TAIL by Vickie JohnstoneKiwi books are inspired by a fluffy black cat that Vicki Johnstone once owned and now is on the other side The Christmas tail is about a Christmas Fairy that was stolen by a green witch with her toad and a Star that was hiding in a store till Amy and James mother bought it and brought him home The star and fairy need to get back to Father Christmas before Christmas Eve or it will take another year before they get another chance to get home Read the book and go on an adventure like you wouldn t believe.You will have to read this lively story about how Kiwi and the children aid the Christmas Fairy and Star home Magic is involved but check out what the children will be offered when they get to Father Christmas home This a really fun, exciting, unexpected adventure that could only be written with Kiwi as the main character The Kiwi series is one of my favorite series of children s books.