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download books Kiwi in the Realm of Ra (Kiwi Series, #5) By Vickie Johnstone –

This was an excellent booK, and I would highly recommend this booK to any one who wants an excellent read I looK forward to reading of this author s worK. Inspired By The Film Back To The Future, Whiskers Invents The Time Squeaking Mouse He Plans To Take His Friends On A Fantastic Trip To Celebrate Amy S Thirteenth Birthday However, The Time Machine Falls Into The Wrong Hands And Dastardly Dev Travels Back To Ancient Egypt When Cats Were Sacred With Dev Having Changed The Path Of History, It S Up To Kiwi And The Gang To Travel Back In Time To Find Him What Will Kiwi, Amy, James, Whiskers, Hammy, Misty, Furrball And Siam Think Of This Desert World Of Tombs, Pyramids And Sacred Gods Kiwi in the Realm of Ra by Vickie Johnstone is a book for young children and up Most of the Kiwi series is for young readers but they are also great for us older readers who enjoy a good story and a cute mystery This book is my first Vickie Johnstone favorite Kiwi s stories are based on a cat that Vickie used to have She was black and fluffy and every time I read about Kiwi in a book I can almost visualize her real cat Kiwi.In this book Kiwi, with the help of her two human children and friends get to take an adventure back in time in the city of Ancient Egypt Whiskers invented a time machine so he can give Amy a very special gift for her 13th birthday He wants to take her Egypt because she has studied and loves that period in time but only problem is that the mischievous Dev steals the time machine and takes an unexpected trip back to Egypt and changes the path of history Everyone knows that if history changes everything in the future will change and not always for the good In this case it affects the lives of Kiwi and all her friends and family Vickie Johnstone has done an excellent job in describing ancient Egypt and maybe fancies having lived in that time period It is a lively story with lots of problems to overcome and new friends to meet It takes you through the dead Pharaohs preparation, in the living quarters of the dead, and even into the spiritual undercurrent of the dead Check out how they out fox the demon Shezmu.This is truly a fun book and another wonderful success for Ms Johnstone If you are interested in other Kiwi book Ms Johnstone has six other titles.