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For Children Aged , Teens And AdultsOne Dark Night, Amy Cannot Sleep And She Looks Out Of The Window Into The Garden To See Her Cat, Kiwi, Transfixed By The Moon, Which Is Glowing Brightly Like A Cat S Claw Waking Her Brother, James, Amy Suggests They Follow Kiwi To See Where She Goes Whether It Involves A Hunt For Mice Or Something Else Little Do They Know That, With A Flick Of Her Tail, Kiwi Is Going To Magically Change Them Into Kittens And Lead Them On The Adventure Of Their Lives To A Land They Never Knew Existed In Their Wildest Dreams In The Blue Lit World Of Cat City, The Budding Detectives Help Inspector Furrball To Solve The Mystery Of The Missing Catizens And Find Out What Happened To Madame PurrfectThis Book Is The First In The Kiwi Series

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    Let the mommy part begin first all 4 boys read this, in part or whole, to one another Bobby and James read it alone, Brenton read it with Keagan looking over, and James then read it to Keagan My boys are simply that boysthey love trucks and muds and exploring wild adventures and crazy things, so I wasn t so sure that a cat book would be something they enjoyed but I let them dive into it themselves We are a cat loving family, and I thought they can decide themselves if they like the book or not because what would their review page be if it were anything but honest So here are their true feelings, one by on, on Kiwi in Cat City, by Vickie JohnstoneJames I enjoyed this book It was fun learning what Amy and James wondered with the cat We have a cat named Poohbear and she disappears in the house If she were an outside cat she would have many fun adventures Kiwi is black and likes to live in a world like we do, but in Cat City When the two got the shock from the cat I really was excited to see what came next This book had lots of adventure, mystery, and unexpected things that made it very fun to read I also read it to my little brother, and it was fun being a character in the book.I give it 5 stars Bobby This book was funny Who knew a cat could have their own city to go to when we are not with them They had some pretty cool things in the city we would like to have here to play with the cat I liked reading the adventure It gets 5 stars I laughed a lot.Brenton Fun book Big chapters but I just read it on moms Kindle Cute cat in the story goesout to a city created for cats and has lots of fun, but when the kid owners find out,and then learn a surprise secret, it turns even funner The cat and kids share fun Good story, hope there are like it KeaganI like the cat story and cat city I wish we can go there Fun read with my brothers.How many stars Keagan 5Mommy Views This book was an adventure for the boys.Reading it together allowed them to find a voice, create a moviealmost with the characters, and Ms Johnstone really does write to capture an audience.Fabulous Read.

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    I enjoy reading anything written by the hand of Ms Vickie Johnstone Though I don t consider myself an expert in YA literature, I admire the imagination Johnstone puts into her stories, all of which are sprinkled with just enough humour to fuel my appetite for When Amy and her younger brother James decide to follow their pet cat Kiwi to find out where she goes and what she does, their discovery was nothing short of transformative The first thing they discover on their journey to Cat City was that Kiwi could talk A little pixy dust and soon the children were changed into kittens When they arrived in Cat City, they learned there were some cat knappings and Kiwi, being the detective she is, lead the investigation as to who, where, what, and why.This story was a fun read and full of humorous play on words Though billed as young adult genre, I think most adults who have children, or anyone who has a cat for that matter, would enjoy reading it too I m glad I won the whole Kiwi series and am looking forward to reading the others The only issue I have with the story is how it might best fit into the YA genre as in what specific age group It reads well but maybe a bit long for a ten year old reading on their own Then again, it is shorter than any of the Harry Potter series and in the opinion of this reviewer, is just as Cat ptivating Kindle Copies were provided by the author as a result of a book give away.

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    The first in Vickie Johnstone s Kiwi series, Kiwi in Cat City tells the story of Amy and James who observe their cat Kiwi in the garden one night at the start of a nocturnal wander around the neighbourhood Curious to know where Kiwi is going, the two children follow their cat only for her to disappear in a puff of colourful smoke The two children are taken aback when Kiwi returns and not only speaks to them but magically turns them into kittens The trio then transport themselves to Cat City, inhabited by catizens love it , where they find themselves working with the law following a series of catnappings, or kidnappings if you prefer.Kiwi in Cat City has the audience appeal of a film such as Shrek Although the book may seem to be for younger readers, there is also plenty on offer here for teenagers and adults too Aside from nostalgic visits to the Asterix comics, it s not often I will read children s books but I was happy to experience the world of Kiwi and what a world it is The blue lit Cat City is beautifully crafted with the catizens having their own businesses and not being as lazy as you might expect given what we know about our furry friends in the real world Law enforcement is humane with the weapons deployed too This isn t a violent place but the law is taken very seriously Our trio of friends assist Inspector Furball who is investigating a series of kitty disappearances in the city with no ransom demands or anything Amongst the missing is the highly respected Madame Purrfect.Kiwi in Cat City is a delightfully imaginative and simple read that should appeal to a wide audience, especially all you kitty lovers out there Intended for ages 9 , teens and adults this is a quick and enjoyable story with Cat City being well worth a visit if you re planning a holiday any time soon Everything from shops and lights, to roads and cars has been carefully thought through and given that special kitty polish Cat City may have many features you would expect in our world but it s definitely a cat paradise No humans here, folks My only issue with the book was the ending seemed a little abrupt but with five books in the Kiwi series available it s hard to be disappointed for long.Kiwi in Cat City is a wonderful opening to this series The start of Amy and James adventure, mirroring the curiosity of Alice heading into Wonderland, is a nice touch There are some great characters and settings and it s safe to say that Johnstone is kitty crazy, which isn t a bad thing.

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    Reverse Anthropomorphism An Entertaining and Educational Book for Youngsters of All Ages Vickie Johnstone, whom most of us know as a poet of promise, has branched out into the world of children s literature and if her inaugural book is any indication of what lies ahead, she proves that she has what it takes to create stories that not only capture the minds of youngsters but also the glued attention of the adult readers as well She understands well that adventure and mystery and fantasy are the ingredients that hold a youngster s attention, but at the same time she appreciates the fact that without the use of humor and a solid bit of connect to real life that some children might have bad dreams if this were a bedtime story Amy and James are two young children who live comfortably in a home with parents security is assured They happen to own a chubby cat they named Kiwi and one night, with parents asleep, curiosity gets the better of them as they observe Kiwi outside staring at the moon Wondering what Kiwi does for snacks and breakfast they follow their nocturnal cat only to discover that Kiwi talks, can transform herself in a purple mist to become invisible, and further Kiwi instructs Amy and James to imagine they are cats and poof the transformation occurs Now the newly named Ames and Jimster enter Cat World where all manner of living conditions mimic human cities, with Meow Caf s, Meow Markets, and even a police station where the three adventurers meet Inspector Furrball who shares with them a Cat Crime in progress Catnappings have been occurring every Monday and Furrball assigns Cat Squaddie member Paws to assist the trio in resolving the mystery of the missing five catizens The adventure is well paced and is populated with interesting characters and dilemmas and situations all of which challenge Kiwi, Ames and Jimster to solve the well designed mystery In addition to telling a terrific little story, Vickie Johnstone has inserted plays on words, all too human situations and prejudices and flaws that make her speaking cats symbols for human foibles Her introduction of advanced words bantered about by malapropisms encourages children to think up a step without stopping the flow of the tale All of the ingredients for involving youngsters in the love of reading are here KIWI IN CAT CITY is a great start in what appears to be a promised series of adventures for those who love books human beings of all ages Grady Harp

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    Late one night Amy woke up and saw her cat Kiwi sneak out of the house through her window She decided she was going to follow Kiwi just to find out what the cat was up to while the family was sleeping Amy s little brother James awoke and wanted to know what was going on When she told him he jumped out of bed ready to spy on Kiwi It was a little, maybe a lot scary wondering around in the dark outside As they ran through a field Kiwi turned around and asked them if they were following her After they got over their shock Kiwi asked if they wanted to come along with her Both of the children decided they wouldn t miss this for anything Then she told them to repeat some magic words and motions to make and shazam Amy and James turned into kittens Yep, with tails, fur and walking on four legs Kiwi told the kids kittens they were going to Cat City and not to let the catizens know they were humans.What in the cat world was going on What was Cat City and catizens Well they are soon to find out They are about begin the greatest adventure of their lives This author has quite a vivid imagination Turning children into kittens not to mention that their pet cat can speak several human languages Vickie s talent for writing is impressive in that it kept this sixty two year old grandma entertained through the entire book You will find adventure, intrigue, mystery, kidnapping and cat police to the rescue The illustrations in the book depict the story which appears to be watercolors in soft colors The images make you want to pickup the children and the cat up and give them a big hug They are just too cute The author has several other books in this series and to come.I highly recommend this book.I rated this book a 5 out of 5.Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from the Vickie Johnstone inknbeans press for review I was in no way compensated for this review It is my own opinionIf you found this review helpful vote yes or no here

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    Vickie contacted me about her book a shamefully long time ago, I must admit , knowing I had a love of cats and I agreed to review it I have started this book several times and stopped several times NOT, I hasten to add, because I didn t enjoy it or was finding it hard to get into Quite the opposite Instead, I found I loved the book and it has been to my particular chagrin that it has taken me so long to get the real focused time I wanted to spend with this book and nothing else.Because readers, this is a wonderful story But then, I had a feeling it would be So great was my love of this fun tale of the adventures of Kiwi, that I was even able to overlook the fact that there are two children as central characters Yes, I know this is a book for children aged 9 up but I am not a big fan of children in books and films Believe me, I am not the maternal type However, Amy and James are written as well mannered children that I m sure even I could spend an afternoon with even if they are a bit naughty for trying to go along with Kiwi s adventures instead of going to sleep Besides, Kiwi is able to work a little magic to make the children considerably likeable in my view Johnstone is a wonderful writer, able to weave a magical tale She also has an excellent understanding of the behaviour of cats and injects this knowledge expertly into the tale Her pace and timing is perfect and despite this being a book made up largely of prose, Johnstone nonetheless manages to make it poetic throughout.I loved the exploits of Kiwi, Madame Purrfect and Inspector Furrball Okay, okay even the antics of James and Amy This is the first in the series of Kiwi books and I m roundly convinced that Johnstone will be called upon to write many volumes I believe she is currently working on book four and I can see this becoming a series that wouldn t be out of place on the bookshelf of any family home, library or school Bravo on a superb book I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review I did not receive any other compensation All opinions are my own.

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    I don t normally read children s books , but as I was given an opportunity to review this, I decided a little light entertainment wouldn t come amiss And entertain it did.This is a delightful story and the author s imagined Cat City was great fun The cats names were cute and cosy and life, as humans know it, was cleverly cat adapted milk from the drinks machine, catpads best equivalent of electronic communication and fish flavoured biscuits.You don t have to like cats to enjoy this story the plot centres around getting to the bottom of catnapping by cats, of course the mix of characters and how they are portrayed often makes you forget that they are feline, from the members of the crime investigating cat force, to the wily perpetrators.Whilst the story ends well I m not giving anything away here, it s a children s book, it has to end well you are left just a tad high and dry, but, thankfully, you are reliably informed that the story is to be continued ..thank goodness, or I shall worry about Amy and James.My grandson is only 4 months old, but I can t wait till he is older, when I shall look forward to reading this to him very much.

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    This review is from Kiwi In Cat City The Kiwi Series Kindle Edition by Vickie Johnstone.I am a cat lover myself, being on the staff of three of them two of which are black like Kiwi , and when I saw the cover I could not resist Indeed, I was not disappointed with this charming and captivating tale that was difficult to put down Ms Johnstone states it is for those nine years old and up and I would agree although it would be a great learning tool if read to younger ones, too.The story flows well and the plot is complex enough to keep your interest but won t lose young readers The cast of characters is a colorful mix of fantasy and reality, and the use of expressive terms like catizen instead of citizen made me laugh out loud than once There are beautiful illustrations and cover art that bring the well edited story to life This first book of the Kiwi series is a jewel and a complement to the writing skills and imagination of a brilliant young author Try this one out if you have children, grandchildren, or are just young at heart.Review by Paul M Schofield, author of The Trophy Saga

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    This is a wonderful children s book that will also appeal to adults.I bought this book as a book I could read to my nieces, and decided to read it first It s a fun story that takes place in a fictional world called Cat City.Amy and James wonder where their cat Kiwi goes at night and one day decide to follow her They are amazed when the cat begins to talk to them, then they are taken on a thrilling adventure where they themselves become kittens in order to fit in to the new city they have travelled to with their cat The book is part mystery with a fabulously imaginative setting I think it is probably aimed at older children, maybe pre teens It s the first in a series of books that follow Kiwi the cat in various adventures I think it s a great idea for a series of books, and very well written The illustrations are really good, and if I have one criticism it would be that I would have liked illustrations in the book.I would definitely recommend this to older children, and adults who are cat lovers.

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    This book is an enjoyable read and kids will especially like it Johnstone takes a cat named Kiwi and gives her a life like regular people have Kiwi has a job and, when not living with her humans, resides in Cat City When her human owners decide to follow her one night to see what happens when Kiwi goes out on her own, they end up being transformed into cats themselves and Kiwi takes them to the magical city with her.Johnstone knows what kids want This book is very descriptive, but also gives children a chance to use their imaginations I loved this story because it had a plot that I could relate to and get interested in, and yet, it wasn t so involved that children could not understand it I would recommend this book for children ages 11 and up This is the first in Johnstone s Kiwi series and I am looking forward to sharing them with my daughter when she is a bit older She loves cats and what better story than one where the kids in the book get to become kittens and go on an adventure in a cat city