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Free eBook Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle (Kiwi Series, #4) Author Vickie Johnstone –

In Book Four Of The Kiwi Series, The Wedding Of Inspector Furrball And Madame Purrfect Approaches But, Catastrophe, The Ring Is Stolen From The Gem Shop A Pawprint Identifies Fyre Cracker As The Thief, But He Lives In The Dark World Of The UnderPaw Beneath Cat City, Which Is Inhabited By Crimicats It S Up To The Kiwi Klub To Find The Ring In The Human World, The Hamsters Decide To Stand Up For Their Rights To Better Plastic Wheels And An Abundance Of Sunflower Seeds Meanwhile, The Dastardly Dev Shocks Kiwi With The News That He Knows A Big Secret About Her Family That Her Father, Delphinius, May Still Be Alive The Key Is The Sculptor, Who Will Lead Kiwi And Friends On Their Biggest Adventure Yet To The Strange Isle Of The Serpent Where They Will Come Face To Face With Their Most Dangerous Adversary So FarFurry Fun For Ages E NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE BOOK AWARDS Finalist I have been anxiously awaiting the fourth installment of Vickie Johnstone s Kiwi series and purchased Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle ebook as soon as it was available I am a big fan of all Vickie s book with the Kiwi series being my favorite.In book four, many of the characters from the other three Kiwi books take part in the new adventure It had been a while since I read the other books so I was unfamiliar with a couple of the characters That problem was easily solved by the bits of back story Vickie provided to re introduce them I would recommend reading the other books before this one so you get all the details of the past experiences Kiwi and crew had been through in order to truly appreciate the story.Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle is very well written and edited and is a delight to read I will not tell what the book is about since that is covered in other reviews I strongly suggest you read it and find out for yourself. I certainly love the books about Kiwi s adventures and maybe Vickie Johnson will write one day I read all her Kiwi books and passed them onto my Granddaughter who also loves these books Kiwi is a magical cat who often visits Cat city Her two charges, a boy and girl, go with her but in Cat City they are kittens The Serpent of the Isle is a bully who lives in a different dimension than Cat City but you ll have to read the book for any further information as I don t want to be a spoiler.