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[ read online pdf ] Kiwi and the Missing Magic (Kiwi Series, #2) Author Vickie Johnstone –

Have You Ever Wished Your Cat Could Talk Or Wondered Where He She Goes When You Re Not Around The Kiwi Series Follows The Adventures Of Black Cat Kiwi And Her Two Humans, Amy And James With A Flick Of Her Tail, Kiwi Is Able To Magically Change Her Friends Into Kittens Cue An AdventureIn The Second Book Of The Kiwi Series, James And Amy Embark On Another Adventure With Their Little Black Cat, Which Will Take Them To The Land Of Giant Mice The Children Return To Cat City To Help Their Friends From The First Book And Meet Some New Characters Along The Way, Including The Worry Bee, Whiskers And Moggie The Catizens Home Is At Risk Of Invasion And Some Of The Magic Has Gone Missing Can James And Amy Help Kiwi Save The Day More Importantly, Will James Pet Hamster Find His True Calling In Life Furry Fun For Readers Aged Another cute book for the 10 set, in which Amy and James follow Kiwi back to Cat City to find out why the Magic is missing and to help set things right.Vickie Johnstone s clever world of reverse anthropomorphism in which humans turn into cats is the scene for another not too scary mystery, this time featuring the Land of Giant Mice Amy, James, Kiwi and the gang have to save Cat City from the mousy menace while trying to find the missing Magic.We learn about how Cat city functions along the way, and Johnstone provides a cute lesson about being friends with those different from ourselves.Very entertaining. Kiwi and the Missing Magic Kiwi Series 2 By Vickie JohnstoneAISN B005AL3D7QPublished July 4, 2011Available Format ebookMy Rating In Kiwi in Cat City, we were introduced to the magical world of Kiwi and her friends in Cat City For the second installment of the series, Amy and James join Kiwi in the city again, and there is, naturally, another mystery to solve This time, the city is suddenly threatened by a giant mouse, and it is up to the gang to find out how he got into Cat City and what exactly he is doing there In addition, some of the Magic is missing, which could be extremely dangerous for all the catizens Some old friends are revisited while some new, super cute characters are introduced to round out this highly entertaining, furry fun adventure You won t want to miss it I have been dying to jump into book two of the Kiwi series since I finished Kiwi in Cat City a couple months ago I was absolutely not disappointed, of course Kiwi is such great fun, and it is interesting to see this new world through the eyes of Amy and James as they transform into cats and must integrate themselves into the feline society I thought it was such a great idea to bring James hamster into the group to help them solve this new mystery I admit, I was a bit thrown off in the beginning when we meet the bees, but later in the story I saw how that tied into what was going on in Cat City, so all was well again Other than that little bit of temporary confusion, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this adorable story I love the personalities of each and every one of the characters, and there is always something neat to learn about what happens in the fantastical city.It is always great, also, to find a good children s YA series that adults can fully enjoy as well It is a great story to share with your children or just keep for yourself if you are so inclined I can t wait to see what is next for Ms Kiwi and the kittens Maybe it won t take me two months to dive into Kiwi and the Living Nightmare Having previously reviewed the first Kiwi book, I was pleased to take on the second at the request of the author, Vickie Johnstone, who generously provided by my review copy.Strange things are afoot in the Cat City giant mice, weird magic bursts, buildings in lock down mode, and a surprising discovery about both the nature of magic and of Kiwi herself If you re not up on the whole Kiwi the Cat thing, check out Alynn s review for a good synopsis of the Kiwi universe In a very tiny nutshell, Kiwi is the pet of two children Amy and James when she s in this world In HER world, Cat City, she is a bit of a detective and the two children known as Ames and Jimster there are rather like her pets they help her solve mysteries In this, book two of the Kiwi series, the mystery is to figure out what happened to all of the Cat City magic.The story is sweet, the characters are endearing, and the mystery is, well, mysterious It starts with the aforementioned giant mouse a definite oddity in Cat City , which triggers a locked down Cat Central the coolest description of a policemen s defensive posture ever, seeing as it involves the actual building going into hiding Add in a genuinely crazy villain someone you ve met briefly, if you ve visited Cat City before , Kiwi s mom, and a trip to mouseland, and you are in for one unusual trip This is a lovely series As with all well written and thoughtful books for younger readers and, come to think of it, older readers too , there are life lessons threaded throughout the narrative about the importance of loyalty, courage, perseverance, and being a good catizen, er, I mean, citizen Johnstone s prose is easy going and she throws just enough fun and frivolity in to hold your attention be you child, tween, teen, or adult, I think. The second book in Vickie Johnstone s Kiwi series is just as engaging as the first I truly enjoyed the way the author makes an imaginary tale come to life.Kiwi, the cat, the two children, James and Amy along with a pet hamster and a mouse prevent Cat City from being destroyed Of course, there is a lot to the story than that such as new characters being introduced but it takes reading the story to see how it all fits together into one very nice package.The Kiwi series is intended for kids but grownups such as myself will love the book as well I highly recommend the whole series. This was a very good book how ever I do wish the author had done to make it interesting I look forward to reading of this author s work.