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Free Textbooks Kiwi and the Living Nightmare (Kiwi Series, #3) Author Vickie Johnstone –

AND THE LIVING NIGHTMARE by Vickie JohnstoneThe Kiwi Adventure Series is inspired by Vickie Johstones fluffy black cat Vickie Johnston dedicates all her Kiwi books to cat lovers all over the world.In the beginning of this story Kiwi, Amy and James all have dreams about a 3 legged cat in a very dark place Their dream takes them to a library where they find a picture of a house very much like the one in their dreams The picture takes them out to a forest where they meet Red, a squirrel Kiwi and the kids have a hard time locating the house in the forest so they talk to some birds that lead them to the area where the house should be Then the fun begins I truly hate telling anything that might spoil the story so I recommend you read it These Kiwi Adventure Series are truly a delight to read and is really mostly for young children Even though there for kids I am an adult and love the intellect, courage, and sassiness of this feline magical kitty So will you. Book three in the Kiwi series, Kiwi and the Living Nightmare continues the exploits of Kiwi the cat, Amy and James, a host of characters from Cat City along with some critters from our world.It was very appropriate that Vickie published the book just before Halloween because that is the time frame the story takes place Kiwi and the kids have a dream of another cat crying out for help and discover that the haunted house where the stranded cat is at can only be entered on All Hallow s Eve.I like the way the author introduces new characters into book three yet draws on the previous books for the characters that I already know and love Kiwi and the Living Nightmare has just the right amount of scary bits along with humor to make it a very enjoyable read for kids of all ages. This is the third book in Vickie Johnstone s cute Kiwi series This time, Amy, James and Kiwi must go help a little three legged grey kitty named Misty, who is sending them messages in their dreams.The reverse anthropomorphism that sees the two human children turned into kittens in order to get help from the denizens of Cat City applies once again here as the kids must go get Moggie, Inspector Furball and Agent Siam to help when Kiwi is trapped along with Misty.A cute, kid safe story with a happy ending despite some scary moments. In Book Of The Kiwi Series, Amy, James And Kiwi Embark On Their Spookiest Adventure Yet On Halloween What Begins With An Eerie Dream About A Three Legged Cat Will Take The Budding Detectives On A Quest To Find An Old House In The Middle Of The Woods, Meeting Some Familiar Characters And Some Perky Squirrels Along The Way Little Do They Know That There Awaits An Angry, Restless Ghost That Will Do Anything To Stop Them Leaving Meanwhile, Inspector Furrball And Siam Discover The Human World, And That Ames And Jimster Are Not What They Seem