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A Spy An Airship And a Broken Heart After losing her husband to a rogue French agent Charlotte Moncrieffe wants to make her mark in international espionage And what could be better for recovering secret long lost documents from the Palais Garnier than her stealth dirigible Gossamer Wing? Her spymaster father has one condition He won’t send her to Paris without an ironclad cover Dexter Hardison prefers inventing to politics but his title as Makesmith Baron and his formidable skills make him an ideal husband imposter for Charlotte And the unorthodox undercover arrangement would help him in his own field of discovery But from Charlotte and Dexter’s marriage of convenience comes a distraction—a passion that complicates an increasingly dangerous mission For Charlotte however the thought of losing Dexter also opens her heart to a thrilling new future of love and adventure

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    back to Clean Up Week at Books Life Wine Today we are getting rid of Gossamer Wing by Delphine Dryden becausewellto be honest I was boredSo I have seriously enjoyed a decent handful of Delphine Dryden’s work In fact Ms Dryden was my first “real” BDSM focused Romance – When in Rio Before reading When in Rio my only exposure to BDSM was “science fantasy” BSDM ie Bound to Trust and while I enjoyed the silliness of Bound to Trust it IS silly while When is Rio is much realistic I also greatly enjoyed The Theory of Attraction and simply fell in love with Ivan So when I saw the blurb for Gossamer Wing I uickly plunked down my money for a pre orderand when I pre order I pre order a DTB edition if at all possible So on 03 Nov 2013 I received my MMPB copy of Gossamer WingAnd I started the day it arrivedonly to put it down because I was bored shitless I didn't really care about the characters due to the pace of the book it was so slow but without any real character development happening I didn't feel the characters developed during my admittedly short time readingnor did I feel any chemistry between the two So it satAnd satAnd satUntil I decided to push myself by placing it in the bathroom I mean I was bound to get stuck in there for periods of time and become a “captive audience” I was sure this would help me get to the interesting parts of Gossamer WingInstead I discovered I would rather sit and twiddle my thumbs instead of force myself to read Gossamer Wing I would NOT read Gossamer Wing when I became a “captive audience” In fact I got irritated every time I saw the beautiful cover And I would see that cover a lot I kept Gossamer Wing in the sink drawer and I would see it every time I opened that drawer Need a band aid? See Gossamer Wing Need a Tylenol? See Gossamer Wing AcccckEventually Gossamer Wing was shoved to the back of the sink drawernever to see the light of day until 2016when I decided to officially DNF it I did try to give it another change here in 2016 I lasted a total of maybe 3 pages I would rather eat this book than read it at this point in time I have ZERO interest in the very boring activity happening in this very boring bookSo It’s official After 2 years and 7 months I’m finally calling it Gossamer Wing has finally been put out of my misery

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    I really enjoyed Gossamer Wing which is steampunk romance The leading characters in this are really good Lady Charlotte Moncrief a widow who is determined to finish her spy husband's final mission and the inventor Makesmith Baron Dexter who is drafted to accompany Charlotte as her new 'husband' I really liked the leads the Charlotte is good as the woman who has lived solely for the chance to avenge her husband and doesn't plan on surviving the mission but I really really liked Dexter he is my favorite kind of hero intelligent but still passionate and very respectful of his leading lady's skills and straight forward and completely besotted with Charlotte as well I like reading about a romance that is a partnership as a nice change of pace from all of those dominant alphas that populate my normal genre of choice PNR and make their heroines have to fight to keep from being completely dominated in real life that would be just too much work The background story with the pair's mission to France is interesting and I am looking forward to from this world

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    35 starsEnjoyable light steampunk romance I enjoyed the characters and the world building but would have liked a bit intensity either in terms of the action or the romance It may be because I've enjoyed the author's bdsm stories but I kind of felt like the characters wanted to be a lot dynamic? than the story structure or publisher? allowed

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    35 stars My review cross posted from Wit and Sin both the daughter and the widow of spies Charlotte Moncrieffe is determined to use her training skills and uniue dirigible to become a spy herself Though her father objects Charlotte is determined to serve the Crown by recovering documents her late husband hid at the Palais Garnier during the last war with France There’s just one problem Her father – in a bid to keep Charlotte from engaging in espionage – has convinced her superiors that Charlotte must not go to France without a proper cover And that cover involves marriage to inventor Dexter Hardison known as the Makesmith BaronDexter only knows Charlotte through letters but he’s fascinated by the unusual widow When he strikes a bargain that could further his own research he doesn’t expect to find himself falling hard and fast for his new wife The passion he feels for Charlotte is tempered by her insistence that their marriage will only last the length of the mission Dexter’s determined to convince her to give their relationship a chance but can he get through the walls she’s built around her heart? If a rogue spy and a dangerous megalomaniac have their way neither Dexter nor Charlotte will live long enough to find outA world of possibilities await you in Gossamer Wing Delphine Dryden has created an imaginative universe filled with plausible technological marvels and wonderfully creative steampunkery I was intrigued by Ms Dryden’s alternate history America one where the US lost the Revolutionary War and is still under British rule The alternate history aspect of the story added a level of uniueness to Gossamer Wing particularly since the story features spiesWorld building aside Gossamer Wing features two protagonists who are innately likeable Charlotte is an intelligent headstrong woman and the death of her first husband on their honeymoon forever changed her She’s determined to gain closure through her first fieldwork assignment and nothing and no one will stop her She’s thrown for a loop however by Dexter It’s impossible for her to resist the big bear of a man; physically and intellectually he attracts her Dexter’s inventiveness sensuality and patience make him a sigh worthy hero He’s a great match for Charlotte but it isn’t easy for her to accept that they could have a real marriage though I admit I didn’t always understand her logic Gossamer Wing is the first Steam and Seduction novel and though it wasn’t uite as engaging as I’d have liked I never felt emotionally invested in the story or the characters I definitely can’t wait to read the next book Scarlet Devices If Gossamer Wing is anything to go by Ms Dryden’s world building is sure to be a gift to readers that keeps on giving

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    A totally enjoyable Steampunk adventure that had me engrossed from start to finish I totally loved every moment of this very interesting romance The other thing is that this is a mysteryspy adventure that takes a lot of interesting turns Charlotte and Dexter have a relationship that is absolutely fun to readThe way that this book starts out is interesting because it takes us to the past so that we can understand what is going on between the English and the French We are in the middle of a mission going wrong papers designed for some kind of weapon have fallen into the wrong hands plus someone dying The person who dies is important to our heroine as it was Charlotte’s husband Charlotte has always wanted answers as to why her husband diedCharlotte is now an agent herself She finds that Dexter is a very interesting guy as he makes all of the gadgets that she needs Plus he himself is a Baron of sorts So he is nobility like herself in a way Him and Charlotte are going to enter into a fake marriage not realizing that they will develop very real feelings along the way Also Charlotte has invented an airship of her own that she calls the Gossamer Wing The Gossamer Wing is an airship that can move very uietly and will come in handy during night missionsDexter finds Charlotte to be a very interesting and intriguing woman One that intrigues him so much in fact While they are on their honeymoon they start to get to know one each other very intimately in fact I really like how their conversations really get intense and that they start to know one another on a deeper level Plus what happens on the boat is very scary and intense I really found myself enjoying what happened between Charlotte and Dexter was riveting and intense They in that instant understand that they need each other than either of them ever realized I also like how necessary that some of the obstacles can be at times but they can overcome them togetherAlso the other thing that I liked about this book was the world building was incredible I can actually believe a lot of things about the inventions and gadgets are invented Also it’s believable that women can be agents Plus the inventions are part of society and a businessThis book some incredible moments that were like so unexpected and utterly captivating to behold Both Charlotte and Dexter realize that they don’t really want their marriage to be dissolved after this case is solved because they really do have feelings for one another that neither of them expected It was like falling in love again for Charlotte and for Dexter to have someone he cared and loved He never wants this fascinating woman to leave his side Dexter and Charlotte definitely had a real genuine growing period as a coupleThis was a great start to what looks like an excellent seriesRating45 Hearts

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    I’m always up for a great steampunk romance and this one really hit the spot Charlotte Moncrief is a young widow whose ambition is to use her small stealth dirigible the Gossamer Wing to retrieve long lost documents vital to the nation from Paris allowing her to finish her late husband’s last mission Her father won’t allow her to participate in the mission unless she agrees to a sham marriage with Dexter Hardison the Makesmith Baron whose skills are needed on the mission Their honeymoon to Paris will give them an excellent cover as they complete their mission What neither of them planned on is just how much such close proximity will complicate matters as the sham marriage begins to feel all too real I loved the steampunk aspects of the story with the exciting inventions and devices and the alternate world where the British Empire retained control of America There was plenty of chemistry between Charlotte and Dexter and it was nice to see two adults act on their attraction with no sneaking around or terrible conseuences just lots of steamy fun I’m looking forward to the next book in the series Scarlet Devices

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    Gossamer Wing uses a rather simple theme A woman is seeking revenge for the death of her husband What's different about this is the steampunk element and the characters themselves I'l admit and say I've read steampunk lite But I've read enough about dirigibles and metal limbs to get a visual of what this world could look like Charlotte Moncrieffe has been trying to be a spy behind her father's back She knows that he will shut down her attempts to work for the Crown despite working in it himself Her plan is to go undercover and retrieve secret long lost documents that the French have stolen Her father in an attempt to undermine Charlotte leaving says the only way is to go deep undercover and that involves securing a husband It's one thing to work undercover it's another thing for Society to know a young widow has married and married up while at it But that doesn't deter her and she goes through with it with the knowledge that at the end of the mission she can get an annulmentCharlotte was very fond her of late husband They knew each other for about 8 years and he courted her for about 2 of those years But he died 3 days into their marriage When she meets Dexter whom she's had a 4 year strictly business only correspondance he awakens something inside of her stronger feelings that she didn't feel with Reginald So there's that surprise She also doesn't want to get close to him and then lose him during their mission like she did with her husband and her trainees But she can't help be attracted to such a brawny looking man but with such a delicate touchI love Dexter He's so manly but so caring and rather delicate He's very thoughtful and when he says something without thinking he immediately apologizes He takes care of Charlotte when she's seasick he cleans her up comments on how bad her post vomit breath it Charlotte describes him like a teddy bear and he is He's not a jerk of a hero He's very smart and very precise and he's so amazed that this physically little woman can fit so well into his body We don't get that much of their one month courtship but you can imagine there was a fine line between pretending and them being into it So on the romance side they both don't want to get involved because at the end of the day it's a sham marriage They both have their reasons why it would be tricky to get together So as they try to avoid their feelings they can't help but give in to temptation I loved how Dexter pretty much initiated their week long shenanigans and wanted to reevaluated once they landed on shore I loved how he obviously wanted out of their relationship and when Charlotte doesn't something little like get out of bed and when she returns snuggles up to him his heart soars And for the most part they do talk to one another there are things left unsaid but aren't many misunderstandings It's interesting how Dexter is relatively perfect but he's also a little dominant When he tells Charlotte to get on her knees whoa babyAnd what I like on the suspense side is that basically Dexter is Charlotte's cover He isn't an agent for the Crown he's never had any official training He's willing to help out his country but he doesn't really do subterfuge There's a scene where Dexter helps to prepare Charlotte's dirigible so that she can embark on her mission alone I liked that the whole purpose is to retrieve the lost documents but it's a mission only Charlotte can go on And Dexter is left behind to wonder if she made it or not When Dexter receives word that she's ok and he vomits in relief I just wanted to give Dexter a hug and a high five for just being him I liked that he was the first to make declarations and realize why Charlotte tries and wants to remain aloof And she's the one that has to rescue Dexter He isn't a beta hero per se but I liked that Charlotte was a strong character doing all the espionage

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    45 stars great At the beginning of this book I found the story to be a bit slow and I was easily distracted from it At the time I suspected and hoped that this was because I had finished Simon R Green's Something from the Nightside earlier the same day I started Gossamer Wing I already knew the two stories were very different Gossamer Wing is a steampunk romance while Something from the Nightside is most definitely not I so loved the latter book that I was having trouble stopping my thoughts about it it was so greatI must buy itI need to read book two ASAPwhy doesn't my library own book two?wahhhh This litany is likely what kept distracting me from Gossamer WingI had hoped that the next day after a hopefully good night's rest I would be able to read Gossamer Wing with a fresh perspective and hopefully enjoy it Thankfully my hopes were realized On this new day I began by reading a chapter Chapter Four that I thoroughly enjoyed I smiled widely when view spoilerpoor young Meggie's hopes of snagging Baron Dexter Hardison for herself were so rudely dashed hide spoiler

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    Think 007 meets romance and steampunk;  that is Gossamer Wing  Filled with espionage fake married sex and lots of ridiculous endearments this book was A TON of funLady Charlotte Moncrieffe is a spy out to avenge the death of her murdered husband  First she needs a fake husband who will honeymoon her in France  And who better to play her new husband than the Baron Makesmith Dexter Hardison  Its a perfect cover  Charlotte can spy with her little airship the Gossamer Wing and Dexter can work at creating his new seismograph thangy ma jig  How long do you really think these two will keep things between them strictly business??The Romance Charlotte and Dexter were HOT together  Even though Charlotte was a widow she was still pretty innocentand it didn’t take long for Dexter to teach her the ways her body could be pleasured  I really felt the connection between them and Dexter was such a sweet possessive bear  Charlotte did start to annoy me there towards the end when she was acting like she couldn’t be with Dexter as a real wife but she redeemed herself nicely  I’m just sad I didn’t get to see their makeupThe Endearments  Ha  Since Dexter and Charlotte were only pretending to be newlyweds they had to put on show in front of other peopleso they were constantly using silly endearments for each other  Hardly any were ever repeated and I was laughing my ass off every time Dexter called Charlotte another succulent dessert dumpling my sweet brioche my delicious slice of coconut cream pie etc  Haha  And Charlotte struggled finding fitting ones for Dexter Mister Woolly Bear  Hahahaha  I’m laughing here thinking about it“Charlotte was actually running out of ridiculous endearments a circumstance that annoyed her as Dexter seemed to have a constant supply  It was easier thinking up sugary nicknames for ladies she thought  One could hardly call a man honey muffin or cream puff”The Espionage  Ohmygod I was so confused  I think what kept from loving this book was that I struggled so much in following the political dynamics and history of the war between the French and English   There were to many names and entities that I couldn’t tell whose side I was supposed to be on  Who was good or who was bad  So my confusion continued for so long that it caused the story to drag in some places   It eventually all made senseI thinkThe Villain Some parts of the story were told from Coeur de Fer’s POV and I found myself really feeling bad for the guyeven after all the horrible crimes he committed  Such a well done villainI’m so happy I found this series and will definitely be continuing on with Scarlet Devices very soon35 StarsReviewed for The Blogger Girls

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    4 starsFirst of all I want to say up front I loved this book despite the fact I had no idea what this odd steampunk thing was all about Some of you might be scratching your heads too so here is a down and dirty version of steampunk It is a sub genre of sci fi that features steam powered machinery and is mostly set in the Victorian era or the “wild west” Any of you remember that old show “The Wild Wild West” or the movie? Think HG Wells or Jules Verne but in reverse Modern writers imagine what 19th century characters would create in a steampunk world Sounds odd but trust me this totally worksThis story begins in the American Dominions and then moves to Europa in France It contains one of my favorite tropes the marriage of convenience that morphs into so much The two main characters Lady Charlotte Moncrieffe a widow and agent for a secret service type organization and Dexter Hardison aka the Makesmith Baron are placed together as a newly married society couple traveling to France on their honeymoon The marriage is a cover though it was legally done in the fashion of the day Their mission is to retrieve documents that could presage a new world war with a WMD of unimaginable destructive powerDespite their dangerous mission and best efforts to the contrary the pair is drawn together like iron filings to a super magnet Powerful UST abounds and they fail spectacularly at maintaining the ‘fake’ relationship The intimate scenes are both hot and full of unexpressed emotions Charlotte tries so hard to deny her feelings and poor Dexter is afraid to express his for fear of driving her awayThe conflict and tension in the story is skillfully treated and resolved beautifully with enough ups and downs that you feel like you’re on a wild rollercoaster ride I also really enjoyed the ‘steampunk’ elements especially the ‘gossamer wing’ The inclusion of the machinery was an extra that added immensely to the story overall It took what could have been pedestrian to another level entirelyI loved both main characters but absolutely adored Dexter Just the exact right mix of physical attractiveness sharp intelligence and emotional vulnerability Charlotte was a strong female character with an agenda that she refused to be swayed from but she was never capricious She confronted her challenges with brains and heart and inevitably accepted that her world order had shifted on its axis with her growing affection for DexterI strongly encourage everyone to read this book Whether you’re a fan of steampunk sci fi romance or name your genre you will find something to love in Gossamer Wing For reviews and bookish talk visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool