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Life Isn T Always Fair, And If You Re An Orphan It S Probably Worse Well, Joey Is An Orphan His World Is Totally Turned Upside Down The Moment He Sees A Shaggy Dog In The Window At The Animal Shelter And Exchanges A Wagon Load Of Pop Bottles For The DogBut Life Is Never That Simple Dogs Are Not Allowed At The Orphanage And A Deal Is Made With Mister Tim, The Kind Man At The Animal Shelter That Ultimately Changes His LifeWith His New Friends, Joey Rescues A Fellow Orphan From Scoundrels Who Use An Adoption Scheme To Gain Cheap Labor And Unlocks The Secret To His Birth He Discovers His Mom Is In Fact A Wood Elf, And She Was Sucked Back Into Her World The Day He Was Born But That S Not All There S Magic Too Joey Is The Direct Descendant Of The Mage Of EVERWUD And Will Inherit Pure Magic One Day Life Couldn T Possibly Have Surprises In Store For Joey Or Could It EVERWUD Where Adventure Begins

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    This contemporary fairy tale is exquisitely told through the eyes of a ten year old orphan boy who has no idea he is part fae untill events suddenly start to unfold in his life that lead him on a fascinating journey of discovery The author alternates chapters between the boy s point of view and that of his mother in the ethereal fairy world, and her command of each setting and the differences in dialogue worldview are masterfully handled But what I was completely unprepared for is how very poignant and multi layered this novel would be I thought Everwud was primarily a children s book, yet this author grabbed me by the heartstrings and wouldn t let go and there were several places in the story that made me weep at its beauty and depth I can t recommend this story highly enough for people of all ages Everwud is a treasure to be cherished.

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    I decided to read Everwud The Tree, The Boy The Dog by Marilyn Dieckmann, even though I knew it was geared toward children, because of all the intriguing Tweets Marilyn passed along on Twitter She made it sound enchanting, magical, and lovely And it is From the very first paragraph, Marilyn had me hooked She drew me into the story before I even realized what was happening I had to know what happened next, and next, and next Everwud is not only a magical story, it is also fun and full of adventure You can t help but like the main character, Joey, right away He s such a typical boy, yet he really isn t, we soon learn When Joey befriends a furry companion his life changes He is caught up in an adventure he can hardly believe is happening to him And he soon learns about the parents he has never known and that he wasn t completely abandoned after all I would recommend Everwud to children ages eight and up It s perfect for reading to your child at bedtime, for older children to read to themselves, or for adults looking for a little magic And the best part about Everwud is it doesn t end with the first book There are two in the series.

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    A delightfully enchanting taleEverwud caught me by surprise, I knew I was entering a fairytale, but had no idea how enchanting it would be Everwud begins by clueing you in on Joey s heart breaking parentage then leads into his contemporary life Joey lives in an orphanage and from the first moment I met him, I loved him I was drawn right into his world, and his voice was captivating The author is masterful in her characterisation and this ten year old boy won my heart, so when he wins hearts in the book, I wasn t surprised and my smile just grew wider Dieckmann s writing is charming, enchanting and beautiful I was particularly struck by her beautiful descriptions and easily slipped into Everwud s world The delightful characters work so well throughout the book, and the story moves from fairytale to contemporary as Joey learns about his parentage With some help from Mister Tim, and a talking dog which just worked , Joey s story unfolds into a sweet tale that will leave you wanting

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    A boy, a talking dog, a tree, and a wonderful story Everwud caught me by surprise and wouldn t let me go This is a refreshing tale told through the eyes of a 1o year old orphan I thought it would be a children s book, but the story has all the elements of a wonderful book for all ages With a bit of mystery about Joey s our orphan hero parents, some intrigue about another orphan who lives at the orphanage with Joey, magical charms that help a dog talk, an enigmatic parrot, Joey s mother trapped in another realm and searching for him, and an all around good guy who owns a pet shop, Everwud was a most satisfying read.Will Joey be able to help his friend Will he discover where his magic comes from And, will the treehouse ever be finished Read the book to find the answers to all those questions and Bravo Marilyn Dieckmann My rating 4.5 Stars

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    Magical, Mysterious and Uplifting I was mesmerized by EVERWUD The Tree, The Boy and The Dog by Marilyn Dieckmann The story centers around Joey, who is an orphan Joey meets a loyal dog at a shelter, yet cannot keep him in the orphanage Then there s the cool treehouse a place for Joey and his friends to retreat This is a lovely story for middle grade kids, tweens and anyone who treasures an inspirational tale I m sure Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist would LOVE this story as much as I Marilyn has weaved a classical tale, and I look forward to reading from this amazing author.

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    This is a magical story that transported me to a different time and place where I shared a heart warming adventure with several delightful characters I hope Ms Dieckmann will publish stories about Everwud because this is a world I d love to visit again and again.

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    Who am I Everude The Tree, The Boy The Dog by Marilyn DieckmannA book full of fantasy, magic, potions, witches, woodland elves, black magic and fairies Joey is a orphan, he lives at the Holly House with Miss April Mae It s a nice place for an orphanage compared to most, because Miss April Mae cares about the kids there Joey wants to know who his parents are and where he came from He has a favorite tree he is drawn to, it s no ordinary tree, Joey leaves his most prized processions in that tree He befriends a dog at the pet store owned by Mister Tim, a eccentric man who has takes in orphan dogs besides having a pet store Mister Tim thinks that Joey and the shaggy dog would be great together and asks Joey if he wants him Joey is all excited until he remembers that they can t have dogs at the Holly house Mister Tim offers to keep the dog at his house as long as Joey helps out at the shop, Joey can t believe luck As strange things happen at the pet store, Joey learns about his parents It s such a magical story, it drew me right in I can t wait to read about Joey and his friends, wait I ll do that now with EVERUDE book Two Castles, Clowns Potions SWEET

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    This books tells a sweet story about a boy, Joey a dog, and a tree But it s not a normal tree it s a very special one This book adds fantasy elements to the story by creating the world of Everwud, a place where witches, elves, fairies, and wizards live.Joey is an orphan on a mission he wants to know about his parents He will make progresses when he enters an animal shelter and gets acquainted with a dog, Mr Tim the eccentric owner of the shelter , and a very special parrot Together they will live adventures and will discover that, indeed, Joey comes from a magical world and that her mother is a wood elf Why does he feel attracted towards that special tree Will that have anything to do with his mother Follow his adventures and enjoy the glimpses of the magical world of Everwud.It s a nice story but it was a bit predictable maybe only for me since I am an adult and the book is addressed to kids and I found typos.

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    Oh my goodness, I love love love Everwud and can t wait to begin book two.Joseph, known as Joey is an orphan living at Holly house One day he meets Mr Tim, he is the owner of the pet store where some peculiar animals live and he owns a very special house From there the story unfolds to a fairytale with lots of magic The story of Joey and his family begins to unravel and leaves you wanting of Everwud.The author writes in a light and believable way Several times through the story, I had a tear in my eye I look forward to follow Joey, Tim and Pop s story in the second book.My favorite quote There s magic in the early hours before the earth sheds its mask of night and tosses off the weight of sleep.

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    When a book can take you back a few years with the innocence of its characters the way they think, the way they talk, it s pure magic Everwud made me smile right away with the introduction of Joey What I loved about him is that in spite of being an orphan he s full of love and expectation He s bright, cheery and all boy The author put Joey in some situations where it would ve been easier for him to run for cover than to follow his heart This story reveals Ms Dieckmann s keen imagination and creativity It will be a joy to read the next book in this series.