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As the sun sets on the time of the dinosaurs a new world is left in its wake DuskHe alone can fly and see in the dark in a colony where being different means being shunned or worse As the leader's son he is protected but does his future lie among his kin?CarnassialHe has the true instincts of a predator and he is determined that his kind will not only survive but will dominate the world of beasts

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    After immersing myself in the Silverwing trilogy it was neat to take a step back in time with Darkwing and catch a glimpse of the world that came before Shade and Marina Although Nocturna's and Cama Zotz's names do not appear in the book the story sets up the big conflicts the bats must deal with in the Silverwing trilogyIt impresses me that Oppel can create uniue voices for so many characters even though the conflicts they must meet are uite similar to those of the characters in other books So many daddy issues I like how Oppel gives female supporting characters very strong and well developed personalities but I thought he could have done better with this one Characters raise uestions about gender ineuality but by the end they are still unaddressed The evolution details were totally stimulating though so made up for some of the frustration I felt about the depiction of females This was definitely a book I talked about with my friends as I was reading it but it could have received 5 stars if the uestions about feminism had been better addressed

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    4 12 stars I think I liked this one even better than the Silverwing trilogy I had a really hard time putting it down once I started reading Parts were sad or violent but it was always engrossing and the prehistoric setting was really interesting There were a few things that I didn't like or felt unsettled about but I thought it was well written and all the characters felt real And the suspenseful scenes were uite tense

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    I loved this book It's about what happened after the large dinosaurs disappeared and the other animals started evolving and adapting to the new world Dusk is not uite like his fellow playmates His wings are different and he can use them to fly not just glide from 1 tree to another He is a new form of chiropter called a bat Not everyone in the colony appreciates Dusk's new talents And when the beasts felines come to his colony's home to prey on them Dusk helps the group escape He can lead them to a new home But do the chiropters want to go with him? It's still a dangerous world out there with old alliances ending and new ones beginningOppel is a fantastic writer of this pre historic world

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    The Silverwing trilogy was one of my favorites growing up I was worried this continuation of the series wouldn’t hold up to how I remembered it but this book was amazing The concept is so uniue and interesting It’s a great introduction to topics on evolutionary biology as well as personal themes of belonging and loyalty No author I’ve read writes action scenes as well as Kenneth Oppel His stories suck you in and are difficult to put down The characters are incredibly fleshed out and surprisingly human If you were a fan of the past entries this book is worth making time for

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    It's been a long time since I read the Silverwing trilogy and Darkwing is a great reminder of why I loved that series so much It is fast paced with a lot of action It had uite a bit violence and bloodshed than I remember the original trilogy having but nothing too explicit I would say it would be appropriate for a slightly older audience than Silverwing was This book left me hoping for a seuel but for now at least I guess I will have to settle for re reading the Silverwing trilogy

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    Darkwing is an amazing book that tells a tale in the perspective of a bat who is the leaders son who faces being removed from his colony for his differences from others This story leads you on a adventure to new land This amazing story reflects the evolution of bats after the mass extinction of the dinosaurs and how the evolution affects the bats personal lives as they lead their way in the modern world leading up to the silverwing series This book is an amazing read i recommend especially with the author Kenneth Oppel who has amazing books such as Sky Breaker with his books being sky related this adds to his resume as an amazing book

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    I loved Oppel's novel and in some ways this preuel excelled the writing skill used in the Silverwing trilogy The characters were perhaps the best written features All of them had provocative personalities giving even the despicable Carnassial somewhat persuasive reasoning for his deeds in some form Oppel wonderfully draws up a reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs or saurians that roamed their world only years before Intense action shocking tragedy deep emotion and terrifying deeds distinguish Oppel's book as one of my all time favorites

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    I am probably different than most in the sense that I never read the Silverwing trilogy mainly because when I picked this book up I didn't realize it was part of that series So I don't really have any context to relate it to that However you don't really need the Silverwing trilogy to enjoy this book It's a preuel from what I've read and just kind of show you how the series came aboutI loved this book for one massive reason It taught evolution and history without being ridiculously obvious about it Oppel is obviously falls firmly on the evolution side of the argument but this book wasn't a YOU MUST BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION OR ELSE It was great on teaching kids how evolution happens without them really realizing that they're learning Bats came from Chiropters Something changed in Chiropter DNA to produces a bat and bam An entire new species developedOppel also brought up the end of the dinosaur era There was something be it meteor or whatever that you believe killed off the dinosaurs but something caused a major change in the dinosaurs lifestyle causing them to have a change in climate food source and Oppel even suggests a rotting disease of the skin I don't know if this is something suggested in modern science; I'm not really up on my dinosaur history I just LOVE how much learning is going on in these books without kids even realizing that learning is going on in these booksBut then as if that wasn't enough you have Dusk this kid who is shunned because of his differences being the hero He leads his family to safety he is the one who is freuently protecting them despite his young age and it's all because of his disability which really isn't one at all his colony just perceives it that wayOppel does shy away from problems either He gives kids the benefit of the doubt that they can handle things Much of Dusk's colony dies and those that don't abandon him Dusk and his sister lose both their parents their mother to predators their father to infection And even despite all that heartache they still have problems and half the colony wants to leave him behind even though he was the one that got them to safety time and time againI really love books that take kids seriously that take their books seriously and that give them great book Oppel has give them a great book

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    Dusk a young chiroptera pre evolved species of bats only capable of gliding always found himself different from the day he had learned to glide he always had a desire to fly Dusk learns to fly eventually and finds out as well that he could see perfectly well in the dark unlike the rest of the chiropters; he keeps his strange talents to himself as he is afraid of being shunned by the rest of his colony But Dusk is not the only one with a uniue desire; Carnassial the felida species of wild cat has a strong taste for flesh unlike the rest of his pack so he leaves and leads his own pack of flesh eating felids Together with his rogue pack they eventaully end up in Dusk's island and the bloodthirsty beasts massacre Dusk's colony injuring his father and killing his mother And so Dusk learns about his fathers dark past must journey to help find a new home his colony using his special talents and find out who or what he really is I decided to choose this book because after reading the plot summary in the jacket cover it left me wondering about how Dusk and the future of his colony will be I also chose this book because of the fact that I have read Silverwing the first of the series and Sunwing and I liked the style of the writing and the pace of the action in the first two books It leaves me wanting to read and asking the uestion Whats going to happen now?I finished reading the book because I simply liked it and I wanted to find out if Dusk manages to find a safe haven for him and his colony Also I usually finish what I started I would recommend this to people who feel that being uniue and having differences is a problem because this story will show you that it is only because Dusk was uniue that he made it possible for the rest of his colony to survive even though he was shunned for a long time The message is that you should believe in your dreams and differences even though others tell you it's not possible or try to shun you

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    Darkwing has become one of my favorite books I've read it multiple times as a child and I would gladly enjoy reading it again as an adult This book had an interesting plot about evolving mammals filled with engrossing action filled and suspenseful moments with well rounded believable characters It was interesting to see how the story explored discrimination through two major characters Dusk and Carnassial Both undergo evolutionary changes and both experience changes with themselves and their world However their experiences are entirely different Dusk is shunned and looked down upon for being different while Carnassial uses his differences to become the superior beast of his species even instigating genocide through the Pact to wipe off the remaining Saurians And of course there are the simple themes that children could enjoy the struggles of being different finding one's identity daddy problems and the perilous journey to find a new home Overall Darkwing is an engaging story that will expand your imagination and get you thinking about some important themes