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Acclaimed author Ursula Le Guin's acclaimed stories of the magical winged cats are packaged together in this beautiful paperback boxed collectionThe four award winning stories of the Catwings are brought together in a brand new beautiful boxed set for the first time ever Now readers can follow all of the adventures of the winged cats who escape the dangerous and dirty city to live in the countryside From the original four cats James Roger Thelma and Harriet to their new friends Jane and Alexander the fantasy that is so wonderfully realistic is brought to life by S D Schindler's delicate yet vibrant illustrations

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    I read this series aloud to my kids ages 4 and 7 and it was the definite winner of 2016 It really captured their imaginations and they've been pretending to be kitties with wings ever since This is what my brother terms low fantasy except for one magical element the cats have wings it is strictly realism There is never any explanation for that magical element either it just is My kids are at different ages and stages but this series had them both absolutely tranfixed I should have known based on the author right? Enchanting Read it

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    Books like this are why I have a 'cats' bookshelf

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    Four cute stories about winged cats with lovely illustrations throughout What's not to like?

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    The first chapter book series I've read to Valerie Perfect for her 35 yo and obsessed with cats and really gentle and beautiful Written in the 80searly 90s the language is pretty uaint and lovely to read aloud but it doesn't have any of that crap gender stereotypes or weird racism I find in gentle kids books that are written earlier It's about a family of cats with wings and while there's danger and excitement it also wasn't too scary for my sweet little sensitive kid The books we had also had a colour illustration every couple of pages and it helped keep a 3yos attention on the story We read a chapter or two a night at bedtime Just lovely V's review I love cats and catwings I wish there were books I am Jane meow meow and you can be my mama Me Me

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    fun stories for children great for my nephews

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    I remember these from my youth but I never paid attention to who the author was Reread all four and they were still good Cute story cute illustrations

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    I read these wonderfully whimsical books with 7 year old Rosie Jane and we both loved them Pure magic regardless of your age

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    The Catwings are unsurprisingly cats with wings Their stories as told in these four slim volumes are immensely cute and sweet; probably too sweet for some tastes Indeed children who have got old enough to appreciate Roald Dahl are probably too old for them Adults on the other hand might like these tales I certainly didThe Catwings face a variety of perils some subtle than others as they learn about life in a land of human beans They also learn that being different brings its own set of problemsThe illustrations are delightful and it is obvious that author and illustrator both love and know cats One could hardly have expected less from Ms LeGuin of course

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    My daugher latched onto the first Catwings book than I expected Eventually I picked up this box set to keep a good thing going It has gone over uite well These books make great bedtime stories Content length pacing physical dimensions illustrations it all plays into bedtime very nicely

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    We've read the Catwings series several times but I finally decided to add it to the list This is by far a favorite in our household Both boys enjoy the premise cats with wings and Le Guin is a wonderful imaginative writer