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Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University the prestigious school for mages werecreatures vampires and faeries Status CompleteWord count approx 172364

10 thoughts on “Broken Wings

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    375 starsA bit messed up A lot silly But also entertaining as hell fast paced fun and sexy read I could have done without the whole 'mwa ha ha' type total cliché villain but the MCs were well drawn and interesting to read aboutOverall despite some eye rolling moments I enjoyed this book

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    I came across this book and thought faeries were creatures vampires and mages and in the setting of a school environment I jumped at the chance to read it At the beginning I wasn't sure where the direction of the story was going to go I mean was jac going to get with the were shark which I thought at first as there was no book description for me so I went in blind But I got to say I loved the story I enjoyed the different diverse characters and the detailed descriptions for setting you into the scene There was spelling and wrong words mistakes but this was a free read so I didn't mind and automatically read over the mistakes but if your one of those people that get jilted out of a book due to this then it's not the book for you As I said I enjoyed the story the reason only 3 star rating was some tales in the story were unfinished for instance moonslinger I wanted to know why he disappearedWho's blood was on the shower when jac had his mini breakdownWould of loved to get Zaiden his comeuppance and why he couldn't get expelled?What papers did prof dark want to give him and was any of the rumours true about himThe shival and vampire horseAnd I would of loved a bit of monologue from the teachers on the various circumstances but to be honest that's just because I like to know the ins and the outs of a ducks ass but apart from what I stated I enjoyed the concept from this book and it kept me interested to the end Good read and glad it was a happy for now ending

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    Note I made my own 'audiobook' using my screen reading program so I did not actually read the story If there were editing errors I will pick up on different ones than if I'd read it and I didn't hear so many that they kept me from enjoying the storyThat said I listened to the version that's posted on Fiction Press along with the author's notes that were included in the various chapters as she progressed through the writing Reviews covering the basic plot have already been done so I don't need to repeat them here I very much enjoyed the world the author created so many different types of creatures all going to the same school was fascinating I actually first met these characters while reading the author's current WIP Moonlight and loved them so much that I decided I wanted to read Broken Wings I certainly wasn't disappointedI like the resolution at the end although I got a feeling of it being a little 'rushed' probably because the author thought it was time for the story to wrap up after working on it for five monthsThere was a lot of sex but not so much that I ever got to the point that I wanted to skip a sex scene to find out what would happen next I do have to say the nondub con scenes between Jak and Akitra were my favorite but I like the dark type stuff so that shouldn't be a surprise

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    Katica Locke Not your ordinary author I tell you that She's like the sadist to my masochistic soul If you happen to get your lucky lucky depends on who you ask hands on Katica Locke then you should know1 She's insanely good at world buildingNo stone left unturned or magic left unexplained It's fresh new and insanely original 2 Dark edgy romanceBe prepared to hate get frustrated and cry This woman can play your emotion like nobody's business I tell you that3 Once you are in; Locke fucking owns your soulBasically she has your time attention and emotion Whether you like it or not4 Sick twisted plotlines Ahhhh Just my cup of tea So you're probably wondering why the 2 stars? I happened to read 5 of Katica Locke's books last night and her talent could not be denied Just because I'm not a huge fan of menage does not mean I am blind to her great talent

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    Loved the ending loved the magic system hated the drama

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    A definite roller coaster It kept me guessing I love how twisted and detailed it is

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    Weird ishI skipped a lot of it because towards the beginning the only character I cared about was Maika and towards the end I don't really know if I actually cared about any of them but by the time I stopped caring about Maika as much I was so close to the end I figured I might as well just finish itUmmI was pissed off by how inept her campus therapist people wereAndthe characters werepeoplewho did stuffIt was a bit melodramatic? I mean it wasn't bad; it was justat timesit was kind of like OK THANK YOU WE GET THE IDEA NOW or GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS OR THAT STICK AS IT WERE EITHER WAY STOP BEING A POMPOUS HYPOCRITEI kind of liked the Big Reveal I thought that was rather clever although Locke's MCs do generally tend to be a little too Mary Sue ish for my tastes and this book is no different Still I did kind of get through it all the way ish so yeah

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    Think Harry Potter but teens with 10 times hormone eruptions Lots of sex and just really meaningless sex The characters are sluts doing it with many other characters Just a warning to those who like the You're special and I'm going to only be with you kind of usermy kind of userIT was kind of good until the ending just fucked it up It was a cheap ending

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    I really enjoyed this long fantasy romp The Allyrawood University setting was interesting especially shrouded in fog as it was Also the characters there and the many forms of were people and fairies was funIt's a good erotic light read with lots going onI would have given it 5 stars 45 rounded up were it not for the crying need for an edit

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    I liked it alot The beginning seemed kinda wonky but after about the first 5 or 6 chapters the characters seemed to be fleshed out and interesting The plot really kept me going all the way to the end Very enjoyable read