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[[ Free eBook ]] An Unfortunate Beginning (The Novel Adventures of Nimrod Vale, #1) Author Natasha S. Brown –

Absolutely enthralled from beginning to endWhat a truly amazing novel Natasha Brown has written a truly wonderful book filled with real life issues, friendship, magic, fantasy, and a whole of The author s writing kept me enthralled from beginning to end Her main character, 12 year old boy, Nimrod Nim , always feels down on his luck and feels he is an outcast at school because he likes to read and write short stories He is a great kid who has a lot going for him, including meeting a girl named Pepper, who is considered an outcast also, but for different reasons The two of them hit it offand become each others confidante The storyline is absolutely so well written What a great mix of real life, fantasy and fun with a little magic and family history thrown in What could two inquisitive kids ask for While this book was written for those around middle school age, as an adult reader I can say this book is truly for any age It is a chapter book and it is the length of a novel, but it is written so that any child with a good master of language and a love for reading will have no problem reading An Unfortunate Beginning.I highly recommend this novel to children and adults Truly enjoyable and well worth the read. This book is such a fun read It follows a young Nim who has recently had to move to a new town because of unfortunate events He loves to write stories, and just when he needs to write the most, his tablet tears up, leaving him without a way of entertainment Lucky for him, his aunt shows him his grandfather s study which so happens to have an unusual pen and paper.Nim is writing his story and suddenly finds himself in his own story Nim must deal with finding new friends and changing the fate of his characters This novel was such a fun and entertaining read, and I m far from the intended age group I think that this novel will appeal to boys and girls, teens and adults It s action packed There s character growth and characters you just can t help but love Pick this up today A Cracker jacking Beginning An Unfortunate Beginning by Natasha BrownThis story would be wonderful for any child aged between 8 and 13 The plot is exciting and the pace is fast enough to keep you interested without allowing the reader to lose track of what and who is going on There were lots of features that I enjoyed.To start with, I have got to say that I absolutely love Brown s humour, which is unique in its approach and yet still has the laugh out loud effect of Rick Riordan s Percy Jackson The gags are little gems within the book and it is impossible not to smile when they do come up.As I ve already said, the plot is warm, exciting and different Driving you through without any contemplation of stopping The story line is clever and incorporates a realm of different aspects but does not overwhelm The ending is really very good and will keep you guessing until the end, although the wool will still be pulled over your eyes probably The character of Nimrod great name really great name is likeable and engaging and it is very difficult not to feel some kind of sympathy for him Pepper is in the same way likeable and adds depth to the story, although I did find myself forgetting her back story quickly but that may have just been me Despite the some of the other characters appearing to be slightly on the flat side at times, I ended up taking a particular shine to Red, who remains my favourite character because of his courage and loyalty.Brown s style is intriguing and pleasant and I would not hesitate in recommending this to the younger reader I hope we will see of Nimrod s adventures in the future ONE SENTENCE Engaging and exciting, perfect for children aged 8 and upwards.Imogen for Worm s Magical Library of What an amazing first book for an upcoming series This whimsical tale really appealed to my childlike imagination, making me wish I had a fantastical pen like Nim s so I could go into a few stories as well I very much enjoyed An Unfortunate Beginning, and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Tasha Brown has done it again I have loved both of the books in her YA series so far, and the first book in her new series for slightly younger kids does not disappoint It s page turning adventure that is hard to put down The idea of suddenly becoming part of the story when you pick up a pen is not a new one, but this book makes it fresh all over again It s hard not to fall in love with Nimrod Vale He speaks with with a dry sense of humor and the voice of a cynical twelve year old With a rich vocabulary and picturesque descriptions, this book is a treasure Can t wait for the next one This is a fun read The idea of having a magic pen that takes you into stories is very creative and grabbed my imagination right away I m looking forward to reading the next in the series Loved Very good book, good story line, and overall amazing At first Nimrod Vale seems to be all prickles and stings, and for good reason Forget bad luck He seems downright cursed Finding himself alone in the world with the exception of his aunt and his writing and then even his precious tablet breaks , he wants nothing than to fend off the world and keep it from entering his lonely heart Then he is introduced to the very thing that he can t ignore another world that he himself has brought into existence with the stroke of a pen His old stand by of pushing away just about everyone can hardly help him now.Nim, our reluctant hero, is so compelling as little by little he begins to let the world in again The perfect symbol for this is the intriguing Pepper, whose name and manner show that she is clearly not someone to be ignored She is a bit of a misfit herself, and yet she embraces life and encourages Nim to do the same I loved their friendship from their banter Crackerjack to their teamwork.All this tied up with one whopper of a surprise ending that s bound to leave you wanting Nimrod s tale is the most original and entertaining story I ve read in a long time Bravo I eagerly await Brown s next installment in the series. Heroes Create Their Own EndingsNimrod Vale Is Convinced He Is The Unluckiest Twelve Year Old Alive Life Is Hard When Your Name Doubles As An Insult, But He Finds It Is Even Worse When Your Mom Dies Nim Is Forced To Stay With His Only Living Relative, His Aunt Holly In Portland, Oregon After Settling In, He Is Ready To Get Lost In A Good Book, Except His Bad Luck Gets In The Way When He Tips A Cup Of Steaming Coffee Onto His Tablet While His Most Prized Possession Is Being Repaired, Nim Grows Anxious To Start Writing One Of His Own Stories, So His Aunt Sends Him To The Attic In Search Of His Grandpa S Treasured Fountain PenAn Accidental Discovery Reveals A Desolate World That He Thought Only Existed On The Pages Of His Paper Nim Prefers To Pretend It Never Happened, And Hide Away In The School Library There He Meets A Loner Named Pepper Who Gives Him No Choice But To Be His Friend, But When She Discovers What He Has Been Hiding, She Forces His Hand Nim Then Must Choose To Step Up And Help The Fictional War Torn Land Or Turn His Back On The People Who Need Him Most