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Why do so many of us struggle to remember the math we were taught at school? The answer is that we can successfully memorize things for a short period but we only retain those memories long term if we understand them Mattias Ribbing is a Grand Master of Memory who will show you how to remember Math through truly understanding it His methods are simple but will last for life and unwrap the puzzle of math foreverThe key to confidence with numbers is not remembering complex rules surrounding long division or algebra; it's understanding the critical components of math and being able to clearly visualize problems and solutions This illuminating guide to improving your math provides logical long term strategies that will enable you to finally get math and hold on to that level of confidence thereafter

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    As a visual learner I Loved the principles of this book My inner nerd had me reading it in the holidays It led me on to read The Memory Code which explored the principles through history

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    Can any knowledgable person or the author verify the accuracy of the answers to the tests in the book Currently i can get very few to the same conclusion as what is suggested in maths unwrapped